Have you ever heard of the Super Full Moons? That’s an unusual event when the full moon coincides with the lunar perigee (when the moon is the closest to the Earth). It makes it appear larger than an average full moon, and brighter. We all love to watch the sunset or the sunrise. What about watching the moonrise? It feels special too… and even more when it is a supermoon!

super moon rise bondi 2014
Rise of the Super Moon from Bondi Beach (2014, image from news.com.au)

I had never heard of supermoons before yesterday. We were visiting Mount Coot-Tha to enjoy the great view over Brisbane City. As we were leaving, a nice guy told us the supermoon was going to rise just next to the city. We had a great time watching the show! You don’t always need to go far from home to be awed by what you see and last night was a great example. Many people from Brisbane gathered at Mount Coot-Tha for this super moonrise. When the moon finally appeared – a bit late as a cloud got in the way! – it was stunning.

When does the Supermoon happen?

Supermoons are not that rare. They happen three times a year. Check timeanddate.com for more about the moon phases and the time to see the moonrise in your country/city.

Where to look and what’s the best setting to watch the Supermoon (and any moonrise)?

Best setting: with other elements in the landscape

The best setting is to have other features in the landscape (buildings, trees, hills…) to compare the moon with. It creates the illusion that the moon is bigger, on top of the fact that it actually is larger because it is a supermoon. So the best time to watch the supermoon is when the Moon rises above the horizon.

When does the full moon rises and where?

That’s easy (well, I only took the easy part, click here if you want to learn more about the moonrise). At Full Moon, the Moon is opposite to the Sun, with the Earth in between. So the Moon rises in the East as the Sun is setting in the West! Hence, you can enjoy the great and magical sunset colours and wait just a bit longer for the moonrise!

Where will you be for the next supermoon? Will you watch it?

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