Hi, I’m Eloise. I’m a thirty-something French girl who’s spent most of her life outside France. I first moved abroad at 19 years old to make a dream come true: teaching French in England. After 18 months, I went back to France (Rouen, Normandy) to study but took every opportunity I found to move abroad. I went to Sydney (Australia) for my work experience semester and to Turkey for my university exchange semester. After I graduated in late 2011, I moved to Sydney. I have been in Australia since and now call Brisbane home.

I love to live adventures, sometimes abroad and often close to home. I have a full-time job, but my weekends are packed with exciting outdoor activities. Then I’m not working, you won’t often find me at home. I’m likely to be in a national park or underwater – always with my buddy and partner in life.

I share my adventures and tips on my blog to help others seize more opportunities to travel. I wished I explored more my own backyard before moving to the opposite end of the world!

Sailing Brittany Saint Goustan - Indomptable - eloise
Sailing in Brittany (France, Saint Goustan)