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Where to put car keys when swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving?

What to do with your keys while you are swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving? I’ve finally found a solution to take all the stress away!

The best gifts for scuba divers: ideas from a scuba diving fellow

Do you need some inspiration to find gifts for scuba divers? I’ve been diving for a few years and received many gifts linked to my passion. Check out my ideas for all kinds of budgets!

Tips for a solo traveler in Bangkok: learn from my experience to plan your trip

I visited Bangkok as a solo traveler. Check out my tips to plan your solo trip to the world’s most visited city.

Australian made gift ideas: 10 ethical souvenirs from Australia

Buying ethical souvenirs in Australia may be harder than you imagined. Check out these Australian made gift ideas and make the right choice!

Brisbane gift ideas for adventurers: 15 exciting experiences

Whether you are looking to buy a present for someone who lives in Brisbane or someone who’s visiting, this Brisbane Gift Ideas list is made for you… if you’re adventurous!

5 ideas to reduce your footprint while visiting Bangkok

Bankgok is the most visited city in the world. As a tourist, you can make choices to reduce your impact when you visit Bangkok, and it’s not hard!

Activities and tips for wearing a walking boot when travelling

Injured foot? You can still have fun! I’m sharing my experience via a list of activities and tips for wearing a walking boot while travelling.

Mt Kilimanjaro packing list: what’s essential, useless and nice to have

Without the right equipment for Kilimanjaro, I wouldn’t have reached the summit. Check out my Mt Kilimanjaro packing list for tips and essential gear!

Eco holidays: 4 terrible misconceptions we must eradicate

Are you or someone you know NOT particularly interested in choosing an eco holiday experience? Why? Find out if you believe in one of these misconceptions before you make your next holiday booking. Yo …

My journey of overcoming my fear of heights to enjoy outdoor climbing

How did I get over my fear? I’m sharing my journey of overcoming my fear of heights hoping that it could help others change their lives like it changed mine.

New Caledonia: 25 essentials things to pack and packing tips

Learn from my travel experience: Pack everything you’ll need in New Caledonia with this packing list and tips! It covers clothes and equipment for all types of activities.

Why I recommend travel insurance

Are you still hesitating about buying travel insurance? Or not sure which one to choose? I know it’s annoying to pay for something you wish you will never use. Nonetheless, it’s important to consider …

New Caledonia shopping tips for souvenirs, food and duty free

Where to go shopping in New Caledonia? When? What are the local brands and the local products that make the best New Caledonia souvenirs? Read this article that covers New Caledonia shopping tips for …

New Caledonia trip: when things don’t go as planned

We loved each of our stays in New Caledonia. But be ready: it’s rare that a New Caledonia trip goes as planned. It is part of the experience of the island vibes. But don’t worry, I guarantee you will …

How to choose the best snorkel gear for beginners and advanced

The first step to choose the best snorkel gear is to define YOUR needs. Find out the questions you must answer, reviews of products and tips to select the best snorkel gear for you: the best snorkel m …

Car camper conversion: the best equipment for your roadtrip revealed

Wondering how to transform your car into a mini-van? We love travelling and sleeping in our car: it’s the most flexible and cheapest option! Find out the best equipment you need to be comfortable slee …

Underwater photography tips for beginners: from the best underwater camera for scuba diving to editing

You had an amazing underwater experience, but your photos aren’t as amazing? You don’t need to be a pro to take great shots! An amateur reveals the best secrets to take beautiful underwater pics, even …

How to find the best camps for your road trip in Australia and New Zealand!

It’s not always simple to find a good place for the night. Or to find public toilets when we need them the most. That’s when some apps can help!

An alternative to zoos to stop keeping animals captive

Zoos are important for education and conservation but can be cruel. What if there was a way to interact with the wild animals without keeping them captive?

How to travel more: 5 easy ways to travel in your own region

If you wish to travel more, but you are stuck at home because of budget or time, you may be one click away from finding a solution. These five tips will give you ideas to feed your travel addiction wi …

25 tips to be a more responsible traveller

Tips to make responsible travel decisions to minimise negative impacts of travelling and effectively increase the positive ones. Become a responsible traveler now!

Do you love animals? Read this before planning your trip

If you are interested in wildlife attractions, read my tips to improve your experience with animals! (swim with dolphins, zoos, encounters and many more)

Why I loved travelling solo… and why I stopped!

For some people, the idea of travelling solo is repulsive. It has never been to me. I hope my experience will help travellers thinking of a solo trip!

6 tips to deal with snorkeling risks for beginners and experienced

I love snorkelling. When I mention our underwater adventures, I sometimes see worries more than excitement in people’s eyes. Most of the time, it is because of a lack of knowledge or experience about …

New Caledonia travel tips: 20 tips for an easier (and cheaper) trip

Planning a trip to New Caledonia? Do yourself a favour and read these 20 travel tips that will help you organise your stay and save you from frustrating moments during your travel planning… and whil …

6 interesting things I learnt during Clean Up Australia Day that everyone should know about

Every first weekend of March, Australians get together to clean their chosen site. It is a great opportunity to sensibilise everyone about waste.

Do you think you’re too small to change the world? Wrong! You can do it!

If you are able to read that post, you are able to make the world a better place. Learn how and join me!

How living abroad brought me closer to my family back home

The hardest thing for people living abroad is often the distance with the family back home. I’m no exception. So, how being 15,000 km apart can actually bring us closer?

Travels and full-time office job: 3 steps to find the right balance

A good work/life balance is the ultimate key to travel a lot with a full-time job. So, how to find the right balance between traveling and working?

4 reasons why I’d rather be a part-time traveler than a nomad

Working 9-5? Dreaming of traveling the world like a nomad? Look at the non-nomad status with a positive point of view, because it also has its advantages.

Use the Peak Finder app to explore mountains near you!

Do you sometimes find it hard to identify what you are looking at? Peak Finder identifies all mountains and peaks around you with a 360° panorama display.

Moonrise: How to add a special touch to any destination

We all love to watch the sunset or the sunrise. What about watching the moonrise? Watch the next supermoon: the Moon appears larger and brighter than usual.

Lost in conversion? YAC! can do the math for you!

If you like mental calculation as much as I do, you may not be at ease with prices in foreign currency. YAC! is ridiculously easy and quick to convert money!

1 free thing all women must do to travel longer

There is one thing that you can do every month – for free – to increase your chance of traveling longer. It is easy and it only takes 5 minutes…

How to travel every weekend: 5 easy tips to start now!

I have a full-time job that does not include travelling. Hence, to fulfil my passion, I travel as much as I can in my free time: during weekends, long weekends and my four weeks of holiday per year. N …

How to travel a lot when you have a full-time office job

“You are always travelling”. I keep hearing that from friends, family and colleagues. And it’s true. If you have a full-time job and feel you don’t have enough time to travel, this feedback and tips f …

How to send postcards in two minutes when traveling

No stamp needed! No matter where you are, the delivery will be quick! Required: a phone with a camera + an Internet connexion + Touchnote App

7 kayaking tips for a better and comfortable adventure (for canoeing too!)

Tips and objects I love to have with me when kayaking or canoeing.