Bath is a very ancient town (800 BC) built in white big stones. It gives it a special charm and I felt like travelling back in time during my visits. One day in Bath can be enough to see the main attractions, but I recommend to consider spending the full weekend there to visit the museums thoroughly and slowly enjoy the town. I went to Bath twice, in 2006 and 2007, the below is a mix of the posts I wrote shortly after my visits. 

My first day trip to Bath: focus on the Roman Bath

Roman Bath
Roman Bath

For my first visit, as it was cold and rainy, I mainly spent my time in the Roman Bath. The museum is located near the beautiful Cathedral in the town centre. It is one of the most interesting I have ever visited. Of course, the main attraction is the bath and its secrets, but it is also a museum to learn how people were living at this time, with a lot of objects and reconstitution to make it more fun and interactive. I liked how they added life to it. The explanations are well made, although a bit too long on some topics but they are easy to skip if need be.

For those who like arts, or if you want to escape from the rain, you can go to the Victoria Gallery.

My second one-day trip to Bath: wandering around the town

I waited for beautiful weather to plan my second visit so I could explore the city and enjoy the outdoor must-sees.
I like bridges and wanted to check out the weird Putney Bridge. It is gorgeous indeed, but it does not seem at all like a bridge at all when you are on it. Interesting!

Bath - Putney Bridge
Bath – Putney Bridge

I stopped for lunch along the canal. It is a popular spot with great views to enjoy. Even though it was busy as it should be on a sunny day, I still found it relaxing. After the walk along the canal, I went to the Circus and the Royal Crescent. Beautiful area, very elegant!

Bath - Along the canal
Bath – Along the canal

Finally, I went to the Assembly. They charged to visit the Museum of Costumes but some rooms like the Ball Room or the Tea Room were free. Unfortunately, they were closing for an event when I arrived so my visit was quick. I finished my day walking around the town centre. I loved the style and the architecture in Bath.

Where is Bath?

Bath is in the southwest of England, in the district Somerset. If you’re going to Bath for one day and coming from London, you should look into taking the train. It only takes about 1.5hrs by train from London whereas it would take 2.5hrs by car.



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