A trip to Australia isn’t complete without seeing wildlife. Of course, you could head to a sanctuary or a zoo to see iconic animals from Australia. But it is a lot more exciting to actually spot wildlife in their natural habitat. And it’s not too hard! Here’s what I think are the best places where to see wildlife in Australia. 

The list is in clockwise order, starting from the top of Queensland. The numbers refer to the map at the end of the article.

Responsible travel tip: It is tempting but for their safety, it is better not to feed wildlife. It can change their behaviour, make them sick and also unbalance the entire ecosystem. New South Wales Parks even write, “feeding native animals is the worst thing you can do”. Click here to know why.

The best places where to see wildlife in Queensland

1. Great Barrier Reef

Do I even need to introduce the Great Barrier Reef? It’s obviously a fantastic place to spot fish, sharks and even minke whales. 

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2. Daintree forest

A trip on the Daintree River gives visitors the opportunity to see crocodiles, birds and bats in their natural habitat. You may also meet a cassowary while driving or hiking. 

3. Mission Beach

Mission Beach is on the Cassowary Coast. Do I need to write more details on why it made it to the list? Cassowaries, and their babies, are regularly spotted in the town and nearby national parks.

Cassowary in Mission Beach - Djiru National Park
Cassowary in Mission Beach – Djiru National Park

4. Magnetic Island

If you want to see koalas during your trip around Australia, Magnetic Island is a place to add to your itinerary. We also spotted rock wallabies and many marine critters during our day trip.

5. Mackay Region

Broken River near Mackay is one of the best places to see a platypus in Australia. North of Mackay, in Cape Hillsborough, you can see wallabies on the beach and get a perfect shot at sunrise.

6. Great Keppel Island

We didn’t see as much native wildlife as we hoped while hiking Great Keppel Island (but we did see many goats, unfortunately). But it was a great place to see echidnas (they even have a resident echidna at the resort!), dugongs and all the reef inhabitants too.

7. Heron Island

Most islands on the Great Barrier Reef make a great place to see wildlife in Australia. But Heron Island is my favourite one. If you visit early in the year, you can see turtles nesting, hatchlings, baby sharks and shovelnose rays, and so many birds… just from the beach!

8. Bundaberg

From December to March, turtle hatchlings can be spotted at many beaches on the coast of Queensland and on the islands. But you often need to be lucky to see them. At Mon Repos near Bundaberg, they organise tours with rangers to take you to the beach at night.

9. Hervey Bay

You can spot humpback whales migrating along the coast of Australia from many places. But in Hervey Bay, they often stop to rest for a little while so I find it’s the best place to see them in Australia.

10. K’gari (Fraser Island)

K’gari is one of the best places in Australia to spot wildlife. You’ll get to see dingos, which are usually hard to spot. If you’re camping, you’ll see a few marsupials at night too. Indian’s Head is a great place to spot marine wildlife.

11. Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island)

Minjerribah is an easy day trip from Brisbane and a fantastic place to see wildlife. On one trip, you can spot some of the most iconic Australian animals: kangaroos, koalas, dolphins but also whales (in winter) and manta rays (in summer). The North Gorge Walk is perfect to spot wildlife and enjoy stunning views.

12. Coombabah Lake Conservation Park

This reserve near the Gold Coast is easy to reach and we could spot kangaroos straight away from the car park. We had to be a little bit more patient to see koalas but ended up seeing a couple. 

13. Natural Bridge

A trip to Springbrook National Park Natural Bridge at night will give you a chance to see rare glow worms in a natural cave. Bats also live further down in the cave. It’s quite a unique experience. 

The best places where to see wildlife in New South Wales

14. Blue Mountains

We took friends touring the world to the Blue Mountains for their only weekend in Australia. During our quick visit to Jenolan Caves, we spotted a cute rock wallaby and a platypus in Blue Lake. We could see it from way closer than at Bombala (New South Wales), the capital of the platypus.

15. Bendeela Recreation Area

Wombats aren’t as easy to find as many other iconic Australian wildlife. But only 2.5 hours south of Sydney, you’ll have the joy to find wombats around the Bendeela Recreation Area. Remember they are nocturnal animals so your chances will be higher if you walk in the area closer to sunset.

16. Barunguba (Montague Island)

If you want to see little penguins from close, Barunguba (Montague Island) is a fantastic option. The number of people was limited to avoid having a crowd. Earlier in the day, we had fun in the water with the seals. 

The best places where to see wildlife in Tasmania

17. Maria Island

You’re guaranteed to see a lot of wildlife during a road trip around Tasmania. Sometimes more than you wished for, as it can make driving quite stressful. There are no cars on Maria Island so you can fully enjoy watching wildlife without worrying. The island is reputed for its wombats. Even if they’re nocturnal animals, you still have high chances of seeing them on a day trip to Maria Island. You’ll also see many wallabies and birds.

18. Bruny Island

You’ll see wallabies on Bruny Island and, if you’re lucky, you may spot a white wallaby at Adventure Bay. From there, you can join a cruise to explore the south east of the island and see seals and birds in a stunning setting.

19. Cradle Mountain

A baby wombat and its parent eating grass in Cradle Mountain National Park

Cradle Mountain is famous for its magnificent hikes, but it’s also a fantastic place to see wildlife. If you go for a short walk at the end of the afternoon near Ronny Creek in Cradle Mountain, you will see wombats close to the boardwalk. Echidnas are often spotted in the park too.

20. Lillico Beach

Wild penguins at Lillico Beach

Bicheno might be the most famous place to see penguins in Tasmania, on the east coast. But I much preferred our experience on Lillico Beach, near Devonport. They have created a boardwalk around the penguin rookery with red lights. It makes it easy for visitors to see penguins at night without disturbing them. There are other similar boardwalks at Burnie and Stanley.

The best places where to see wildlife in Victoria

21. Wilsons Promontory 

National Parks are always a good choice to try to see wildlife. We hiked all day when we visited Wilsons Promontory. But it was back at the campground that I got very excited by our wildlife encounter: a wombat walked just past my tent!

22. Phillip Island

Phillip Island is famous for the Penguin Parade, so no list of places to see wildlife in Australia would be complete without it. However, there are so many people attending that it sometimes feels like you’re not in the wild! I haven’t seen them during my visit, but I’ve heard echidnas live there too.

23. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is not only one of the most beautiful roads to drive on with its remarkable cliffs, but it’s also a great place to see wildlife in Australia. I’ve spotted koalas every time I visited (even during our half-marathon race!). The nearby Great Otway National Park is also reputed for seeing platypus – but I wasn’t lucky when I visited.

Where to see wildlife in South Australia

24. Kangaroo Island

With kangaroos, birds, seals, sea lions, koalas and many more, Kangaroo Island is an amazing destination where you’re guaranteed to spot wildlife. 

25. Baird Bay

One of my favourite wildlife experiences in Australia was in Baird Bay. We got to swim with dolphins and play with sea lions from a small intimate boat. I was very surprised by how much they would interact with us. We saw a few emus during our drive there. 

The best places to see wildlife in Western Australia

26. Lucky Bay

Wild kangaroo posing at sunset with Lucky Bay in the background
Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is far from everything, but it is the best place to see kangaroos in the wild. They pose in front of a stunning white sandy beach with stunning turquoise water. You won’t get a better Australian postcard-perfect shot.

27. Rottnest Island

Have you heard of the quokkas? They’re so cute and the best place to see them in the wild in Australia is on Rottnest Island. You’ll also have a chance to see seals at one of the stunning lookouts. 

28. Ningaloo Reef and Exmouth

This is the best place in Australia to spot whale sharks. Manta rays can also be seen and, of course, all the reef inhabitants. 

The best places to see wildlife in the Northern Territory

29. Katherine Gorge

We had a close encounter with a couple of freshwater crocodiles while canoeing Katherine Gorge. They’re not as dangerous as the saltwater crocodiles, so it was a great experience seeing one in the wild.

30. Kakadu National Park

There are a few tours to see saltwater crocodiles in the region. It’s very impressive. The birdlife there was also amazing and we got to see the iconic Jabiru. 

But the list shouldn’t stop at 25. There are many other places to see wildlife in Australia. The more time you spend in nature, the more chances you’ll get. Kangaroos are almost everywhere, and we regularly saw emus too while driving. 

What do you think are the best places to see wildlife in Australia? Share your experience in the comments below!

Map of the best places to see wildlife in Australia

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