You don’t need to go far from home to see beautiful places. Sometimes, it is just a matter of seizing the right moment, the right opportunity. You are at home at the end of the afternoon. Sunset is in one hour. Where can you go to catch the show? The magic hour colours and a burning sky can transform everyday scenery into a stunning experience. Here is my list of the best sunset spots in Brisbane, and you’ll find a map at the end.

Where to watch the sunset in Brisbane

I ordered these sunset spots in Brisbane by their distance from the CBD. They are all within one hour drive.

If you have any other spots that you like near Brisbane for the sunset, please share them in the comments! I would love to explore new places.

1. Sunset from Wilsons Lookout

This lookout is only a ten-minute walk away from my flat. I wonder why I don’t go there every evening!

Alternatively, if you want to exercise a bit, you can access a boardwalk from under the Story Bridge. It takes you along the Brisbane River all the way down to Newfarm. The view of the CBD and the Story Bridge when you look back is perfect.

Best Brisbane Sunset - Wilson Lookout
Wilsons Lookout

2. Sunset from Kangaroo Point Cliffs

My recipe to enjoy the sunset from Kangaroo Point: do it with a drink, and food on the barbecue! You’ll find picnic tables and barbecues along the cliffs. Alternatively, there’s a cafe at the top of the stairs.

Or if you feel adventurous, you can enjoy the view while climbing or abseiling the Kangaroo Point cliffs. Isn’t it amazing to have a natural outdoor climbing wall in town?

Scared of heights? I know the feeling! Check out how I overcome my fear of heights.

Best Brisbane Sunset - Kangaroo Point Cliffs
Brisbane City from Kangaroo Point Cliffs

3. Sunset from Fortitude Valley

The Eleven Rooftop bar restaurant is on the eleventh floor of a building in Fortitude Valley, on Ann Street. It is located at a perfect distance to watch the city and the Story Bridge turn on their lights as the sun goes down in the eastern corner. You’ll need to dress up a bit to get in (dress code detailed here).

Best Brisbane Sunset - CBD Rooftop
View from the Eleven Rooftop

4. Sunset from New Farm Park

New Farm Park is my favourite park in Brisbane during the Jacarandas season in October. As the sky fires up for sunset, it intensifies the colours of the jacarandas studded in the park.

When the clouds team up with the sun, the sunset with the city in the background while trees and flowers surround you is lovely.

This one started with pale pink and purple, intensified to bright orange and finished with deep red. Unbelievable.

Best Brisbane Sunsets - New Farm Park
View of Brisbane City from New Farm Park

5. Sunset from Hamilton, 20 minutes from Brisbane CBD

Hamilton is a perfect destination in Brisbane for a romantic evening. You can watch the sunset near the CityCat ferry terminal. It gives lovely reflections on the river, and the clouds may light up behind the city.

It’s then a short walk back to the vibrant area with all the restaurants for a great dinner. My favourite is the Japanese restaurant Soho.

Brisbane Sunset River

6. Sunset from Hornibrook Pier, 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD

The jetty is just after the long bridge when you’re on your way to Redcliffe. Although there is a busy bridge behind you, it’s lush nature in front of you once you face west. We watched one of the most stunning sunsets ever from there. It’s my favourite place in this area.

Best Brisbane Sunset Hornibrook Jetty
View from Hornibrook Jetty

7. Sunset from Woody Point (Redcliffe), 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD

It’s hard to find a place to watch the sun setting over the water when you live on the East Coast. The point and the jetty at Woody Point are a great combo.

Best Brisbane Sunset Woody Point Redcliffe
Woody Point Jetty

8. Sunset from Redcliffe Jetty, 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD

Redcliffe is a lively place by the sea. It’s a great nearby destination to spend an afternoon out. You can walk or bike along the coast and refresh in the beautiful artificial lagoons. Make sure you stay at the jetty for sunset. When the ocean faces east, jetties are the place to be to catch the colours!

Best Brisbane sunset Redcliffe jetty
Redcliffe Jetty

9. Sunset from Shorncliffe Pier, 30 minutes from Brisbane

Shorncliffe Pier is amazing for sunrise, and it’s a great spot for sunset too. Although there is a lovely walk along the coast and a beach just next to the jetty, it is a lot calmer than Redcliffe. A good spot for a romantic sunset by the ocean.

Best Brisbane Sunset Shorncliffe Jetty
View from Shorncliffe Jetty

10. Sunset from Manly Boat Harbour, 30 minutes from Brisbane

Manly is a lovely seaside suburb of Brisbane. I love walking along the water there. It faces the east so the sun will set behind the houses. Still, it made it to my list for its boat harbour. If it’s a clear sky with no clouds to fire up, then you won’t regret not facing west. The masts at Manly boat harbour add a nice touch to the view. You can explore the seawall, or sit at the cafe.

brisbane sunset - manly-boat-harbour-cafe
Manly boat harbour

11. Sunset from Wellington Point, 35 minutes from Brisbane

Wellington Point is at the end of a peninsula, which is perfect to look back and watch the sunset. There are plenty of water-based activities to keep you busy until the sun goes down.

Best Brisbane Sunset - Wellington Point
Wellington Point

12. Mount Cotton, 40 minutes from Brisbane

From the deck of West Mount Cotton Nursery & Gardens, you can enjoy a cold or hot drink and homemade food while watching the sunset with Brisbane City on the horizon. The cafe is open every day. If you are too early for sunset, Sirromet Winery and Venman Bushland National Park are a few minutes away.

Mount Cotton Sunset Brisbane

13. Sunset from Cleveland, 45 minutes from Brisbane

After you’ve enjoyed the sunset, with the water or the lighthouse as a background, you can try local seafood at the nearby restaurant. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect evening?

brisbane sunset cleveland

14. Sunset from Victoria Point (Redlands), 45 minutes from Brisbane

Wilson’s Esplanade or Thompson’s Beach are good spots to watch the sunset. We were lucky once to see a storm leaving the coast with the magic hour colours. It looked unreal.

Best Brisbane Sunset Victoria Point Redlands
View from Victoria Point

15. Sunset from Lake Samsonvale, 45 minutes from Brisbane

Bullocky Rest Park is a scenic picnic area where you should stay for sunset after your lazy afternoon watching the sunset on the lake. You can have a quiet stroll near the lake to watch the colours changing on the water and the birds getting ready for the night.

As it closes at 6.30 pm, it’s best to visit it during spring or winter when the sun doesn’t get down too late!

Best Brisbane Sunsets Lake Samsonvale
Lake Samsonvale

16. Sunset from Wild Horses Lookout, 55 minutes from Brisbane

The lookout offers a sunset on the remarkable Glasshouse Mountains. With its 360° view, it’s also a great spot for sunrise on Moreton Bay!

You’ll need to time your visit well. First, there is nothing else but the lookout platform to keep you entertained while you wait for the magic hour. Second, there is a short steep walk from the car park: you don’t want to be in a hurry to get up there! We usually allow 15 minutes for going up. You may want to bring a lamp with you for the way down.

If you can go there when it’s the full moon, you’ll see the moonrise as a bonus.

Glasshouse mountains - sunshine coast hinterland
Wild Horse Lookout

17. Sunset from Scarborough, 1 hour from Brisbane

With the Glasshouse Mountains on your right on the horizon and the water in front of you, Scarborough surely is one of the most scenic places to watch the sunset in Brisbane!

Best Sunset Spots in Brisbane - Scarborough

18. Sunset from Lake Wivenhoe, 1 hour from Brisbane

We were driving down the Brisbane Valley Highway when we decided to stop to watch the sunset on Lake Wivenhoe. What a good idea! It was incredibly charming. 

Best Brisbane Sunset Lake Wivenhoe
Lake Wivenhoe

19. Sunset from Poverty Creek on Bribie Island, 1 hour from Brisbane

I was initially disappointed to go inland and not camp on the beach that night. The disappointment did not last for long: we arrived just in time for a beautiful sunset on the creek with the Glasshouse Mountains in the background.

You will need a 4WD to reach this one.

Best Brisbane Sunsets Poverty Creek Bribie Island
View from Poverty Creek on Bribie Island

20. Sunset from Hang-Glider Lookout (Mount Tamborine), 1 hour from Brisbane

You will have a perfect view of the valley from the Hang-Glider lookout in Mount Tamborine. The nearby Polish House is also a perfect place to watch it… but during summer! They are open from 6 pm.

Best Brisbane Sunset Mount Tamborine Hang glider lookout
Mount Tamborine

Bonus 1: Coochiemudlo Island, just over 1 hour from Brisbane

The only way to see a sunset on the beach near Brisbane is to escape to an island. Moreton Island and Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) are my favourites, but the closest and easiest to reach is Coochie! According to how lucky you are with the boat transfer, it can take only one hour to reach Coochiemudlo Island from Brisbane CBD.

Best Brisbane Sunsets Coochiemudlo Island
View from Coochiemudlo Island

Bonus 2: Top of Mount Ngungun (Glasshouse Mountains), just over one hour from Brisbane

The drive to the Glasshouse Mountains takes one hour. But you’ll have to climb to the top of Ngungun to get a panoramic view of the sunset. As it takes between 15 and 30 minutes to reach the summit (it’s one of the easiest walks in the Glasshouse Mountains), we’re over the one-hour limit, so this one only made it to my bonus list.

Best Brisbane Sunset Top of Ngungun Glasshouse Mountains
View from Mount Ngungun

Bonus 3: Amity Point, Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island), 2 hours from Brisbane

It’s my favourite spot for sunset in the region, so I wanted it on the list. Unfortunately, because you need to catch a ferry, it takes longer than one hour to get to Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island). I wouldn’t recommend the trip just to watch the sunset. But if you’re there for the day (it’s one of the best islands near Brisbane!), don’t book a ferry back too early. Head to Amity Point to watch the sunset. If you’re lucky, dolphins will be around to make the show even more magical.

Best Brisbane Sunset Stradbroke Island
Sunset at Amity Point on Stradbroke Island

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Where are the best sunset spots in Brisbane?

Where do you think are the best sunset spots in Brisbane? Please leave a comment below!

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