If you’re looking for an easy walk with spectacular ocean views near Sydney, Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk in Sydney Northern Beaches, or even the longer Dee Why to Manly coastal walk, is perfect. I’m sharing below a few tips to help you plan your walk, included an overview of the many options to choose the length of your walk.

Pool with rocks and beaches in the background on the Dee Why to Manly coastal walk

How long is the Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk?

The Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk (including Curl Curl Boardwalk) is approximately five kilometres one way. It took us about three hours at a very leisurely pace (without counting our lunch break at Dee Why, see below for more details!).

You don’t have to do a return walk as there are buses that can take you back to your starting point (or elsewhere if you come from the CBD or Manly). Transport NSW has a very easy route search engine you can use.

If you’re keen to walk for longer, you may want to push further and do instead the Dee Why to Manly coastal walk.

The Dee Why to Manly coastal walk is approximately 7 kilometres one way or two hours. Same as the Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk, you have the option to catch public transport (back to Dee Why or the CBD) to avoid the return walk. But don’t be too impatient to leave. You’ll find many things to do in Manly to keep you busy for the remainder of the day.

I’ve done the walks both ways and didn’t notice any difference for the views (always lovely) and the difficulty (always quite easy).

How hard is the Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk?

The walk is overall rather easy if you don’t mind going up and down a bit. At some point, the terrain is quite uneven. But there were always handrails to help when a good balance was required. For people with a reasonable level of fitness, and even for kids, the Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk is a fun and easy walk.

One part of the walk, from Freshwater Beach pool to Curl Curl Beach, is a lovely easy boardwalk that is suitable for any level of fitness. There are a lot of people (and dogs) on the boardwalk. Still, it’s one of my favourite parts of the walk. The rocks in front of the ocean look stunning.

Boardwalk between Freshwater Beach and Curl Curl Beach on the way to Dee Why.
Boardwalk between Freshwater Beach and Curl Curl Beach

What should you bring on this coastal walk?

It’s an easy walk so you don’t need a lot of equipment for this walk. There isn’t a lot of shade on the coastal walk so you should bring sunscreen and a hat. Although we saw some people barefoot or wearing thongs, I recommend wearing good shoes for this walk. We did it after some rain and a few spots were quite slippery and muddy.

Don’t forget to bring your water bottle. There weren’t many opportunities to find drinking water on the way.

Also, you may want to take your swimming suit. The walk will take you to nice beaches and also stunning, inviting ocean pools.

Lunch break in Dee Why

It was nice to arrive in Dee Why for a late lunch as there are a few restaurants to choose from there. We walked past a French boulangerie (French Basket) that was unfortunately closed (it was past 2 pm), so we stopped at Girdlers Café for savoury crepes as they were serving food until 4 pm. There are also many options in Manly.

If you’re hesitating between a coastal walk in Sydney’s Northern Beaches or Bondi to Coogee

You may only have time for one coastal walk during your visit. I really like the Dee Why to Curl Curl or Manly coastal walk. However, I found the rocks on the Bondi to Coogee walk more impressive. Although I prefer the atmosphere and activities in the Northern Beaches, I’d recommend going to Bondi if you only have time to do one coastal walk.

Where is the Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk?

The Dee Why to Curl Curl coastal walk is in the Northern Beaches, approximately 20 kilometres north of Sydney CBD (New South Wales). It takes half an hour to go there by bus or by car from Sydney CBD.


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