We explored Duke of Orleans Bay and Cape Arid National Park as a day trip from Cape Le Grand National Park. Although it’s a bit far for just a day trip, we couldn’t leave our beautiful, precious camping spot with sea views and kangaroos in Lucky Bay.

That’s the most easterly point we reached on that road trip along the south coast of Western Australia. We came back just in time to climb Frenchman Peak for sunset and were stocked with our day!

Our Morning in Duke of Orleans Bay

Wharton Beach

Warthon Beach is magnificent. Like many beaches in the South of Western Australia, the white sand with the unbelievable palette of blues make you feel like you’re walking into a postcard. But each beach has its charms, so you always get excited at the idea of exploring new ones. I could have sat forever on the rocks watching the little fish in the transparent water.

On Wharton Beach, I could have sat forever on the rocks watching the little fish in the transparent water.

Table Island

There’s a remarkable massive granite boulder in Duke of Orleans Bay. A large sand patch leads to the bottom of the rock. Then, if you wish, you’ll have to find your way up by yourself. It may look impressive from the beach, but it’s only 60 meters above sea level. We reached the top in only 7 minutes. It’s worth the effort: the view from up there is marvellous!


Our Afternoon in Cape Arid National Park

We always like to push a bit further. So when we realised we had time, we could not resist going to Cape Arid National Park. It’s known as a very scenic park and driving further than the most touristy spots is often rewarding.

Most of the park is for 4WD, so our options were limited. We explored Dolphin Cove and Little Tagon Bay.

As often during this trip, it was all about a beautiful beach. The particularity of these was the wilderness. We felt like we had the whole park just for the two of us. It’s pure luxury to have that much privacy in Paradise! And, surprisingly, the water felt a lot warmer than in Lucky Bay on the previous day!

We were too late for it, but it’s also known as a great place to spot the migrating whales between May and December.

Where are Duke of Orleans Bay and Cape Arid National Park?

We were staying in Lucky Bay, 800 km away from Perth in Australia. From there, it took us 1.5 hours to drive to Duke of Orleans Bay, and another hour to reach Cape Arid National Park. The trip back to Lucky Bay took 1.5 hours.

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