On the first day of our Eyre Peninsula road trip, the plan was to reach Streaky Bay, on the west coast, for sunset. To break the drive, we stopped at Whyalla on the East Coast of the Eyre Peninsula.

The drive from Adelaide to Whyalla along the coast and salt lakes was beautiful. We were inland from Whyalla to Streaky Bay: the landscape was very repetitive and much less enjoyable. We wished we had more time to do it all along the coast by visiting the entire peninsula… If you’ve been there, please leave a comment below, I’d love to learn more about your experience for the next trip!

Why we’ll go back to the Eyre Peninsula at another time to visit Whyalla again

Whyalla was surprising: one of the most beautiful beaches and water that I’ve seen, just next to a mine. It is also known as the “Steel City”. But what we will remember the most from there is how the water goes from a transparent blue straight to a dark blue. The contrast is stunning.

It is also known as the Capital of Giant Cuttle Fish. Unfortunately, we were off-season for a dive as they come between May and August. More South, divers can also meet the Leafy Sea Dragons… and Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln – if you have the budget!

We came back to South Australia later for diving and snorkelling with the Giant Cuttle Fish in Whyalla. If you’re travelling during winter, it’s worth adding a day to this road trip to stop there.

Sunset at Streaky Bay

We ended the day on the other side of the Eyre Peninsula, facing west for a perfect sunset on the ocean from the Cape Bauer.

We were impressed by how calm the water is there. We’re getting used to the surfers’ favourite spots in Queensland. With almost no movement on the water, it was very easy to spot wildlife. As we were driving along the bay, a few dolphins came to say hi. It’s always fun to see dolphins and it got us even more excited for the following day to go swimming with dolphins and sea lions.

We ended the day at the Mocean for dinner with the best seafood platter we ever had in Australia. Yummy!

Stay tuned for our second day of the trip: the highlight of our trip with a fantastic encounter with sea lions!

Where did we go?

Streaky Bay is on the western coast of the Eyre Peninsula. It takes 7.5 hours by car to go there from Adelaide. We had to leave Adelaide early to make it on time to Streaky Bay before sunset.


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