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The stunning natural beauty all around Lake Abant Nature Park is a perfect way to relax and refresh the mind for a day or a weekend out of Istanbul or Ankara. You’ll feel far away from the city and explore a facet of Turkey very different from the usual postcard scenery.

I went there in December 2010, and below is a translation of the French article I wrote back then.

It is December, so it’s winter in Turkey. Still, I am yet to feel the end of the year spirit with a lovely 20°C (68°F) in Istanbul. This trip to Lake Abant – located at an altitude of over 1,300m (4,265 ft) – was perfect to kick off the winter spirit.

Lake Abant is in the middle of a National Park: surrounded by forests, it is charming and peaceful. And cold. I wasn’t expecting to be sent straight to winter, considering how warm it was when we left Istanbul!

There was almost no one when we visited Lake Abant. Maybe winter is not the locals’ favourite season to come there as it can literally freeze. But I found the snow and the ice gave the scenery an unreal look with the pure white blanket. It was breathtaking and peaceful… until the snowball war began!

I did not go there in Autumn, but I would imagine it to be gorgeous as well with all the red leaves in the forest. It’s different to how we imagine Turkey. After having been there for a few months, I’m glad to see another facet of the country.

You can check out  360° views of Lake Abant here.

Where is Lake Abant?

Lake Abant is not far from the city of Bolu. It is ideally located between Istanbul and Ankara, about 200km from the two main cities of Turkey. It took us about 3 hours to drive there from Istanbul.

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