There are so many cute towns in Brittany that it’s hard to pick the one you should visit. Locronan is one of the most famous towns in Brittany since it’s been added to the list of France’s most beautiful villages. But don’t expect to witness the daily life of Bretons there. It’s very touristy.

Still, it was an interesting visit that I’d highly recommend if you want to visit pretty towns in Brittany during your trip, which I think is one of the best things to do in Brittany.

Although it’s touristy, Locronan is still an excellent town to visit.

Don’t be put off by how famous Locronan is. I understand that as visitors, we always prefer to go to authentic places where we’re the only tourists. So the idea of going to a touristy village may not be seducing at first.

However, not all villages are ready to receive visitors. And tourism can quickly badly impact small places and the local way of life.

Locronan is one of the best towns in Brittany because it’s been prepared for tourism. They want to receive tourists there, which may not be the case in small towns in Brittany where locals enjoy when it’s quiet.

In Locronan, there is enough parking organised to receive a large number of tourists, and no cars are allowed in the town centre. Information is easily available so visitors can organise and enjoy their visit.

Sure, it’s sad that all the local lifestyle in Locronan is gone. But it also means your visit won’t have a negative impact on locals like it could have in a lesser-known village not ready for tourists. Some compare Locronan to a theme park. But the authenticity of the buildings remained. There’s nothing fake, and Locronan is a beautiful town and I believe it deserves a spot in the Best of Brittany.

Things to do in Locronan

Exploring the town centre

When you visit Locronan, it feels like you stepped back in time. The church is in the heart of the town, on a beautiful square with old houses made of stones all around you. The church was built in the 1400s and classified as a French national heritage site since 1846.

But the beauty of the town doesn’t stop there. It’s lovely to wander around the cobbled streets of the historical centre. Like many French villages, the flowers in Locronan add touches of colour. It’s charming. Behind the church, the cemetery is a bit higher than the rest of the town, and you can view the ocean which is only five kilometres away. If you feel like walking, you can reach the Névet woods from the town.

Shopping in Locronan

Locronan has many shops that are targeting tourists. You’ll find art galleries with paintings, a puppet show and some local crafts such as a cutler with beautiful knives and a glassmaker, for example.

Shopping in Locronan is also an excellent opportunity to try some local food. One shop sells small Kouign-amann, a Breton cake that may be the fattest and sweetest pastry you’ll ever try. Opposite to it, you’ll find more than 100 beers produced locally. We also loved visiting La Conserverie Courtin as we could try some of their products. Don’t hesitate to buy the can of Confit de Noix de Saint Jacques; it’s delicious.

You’ll find restaurants at the entrance of the town, on the church square and in front of the town hall.

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Where is Locronan and how to get there?

Locronan is in the west of Brittany, in the region called Finistère (meaning end of Earth in old French). It’s about 65 km away from Brest, the second biggest city in Brittany, and 16 km away from Quimper, the third biggest city in Brittany. You can go to Brest or Quimper by train from Paris in about 4 hours, but you’ll probably need a car to visit Locronan. It is possible to reach Locronan by bus but, unless there’s an even or a special shuttle during the peak season, it’s not really straightforward.

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