France has lovely villages sparsed across the entire country. They all have their own charms and character. Of course, it’s impossible to visit them all. I had a hard time choosing where to go when we looked for the most beautiful villages near St Tropez. This article will help you pick the best ones and I’ve also included tips to help you plan your visit.

View of vineyards with small buildings from the village of Gassin near Saint Tropez

Responsible travel tip: A lot of tourists visit the French Riviera during the summer holidays. If you go off-season, you’ll have a better experience and will reduce the risks of negative impacts from overtourism.

If you’re near St Tropez, here are a few beautiful villages that are worth the detour.

The numbers refer to the map at the end of the post. The villages aren’t listed in order of preference but according to their distance from St Tropez.

Tips to visit these villages near St Tropez

The best way to visit these beautiful villages is on foot.

Most roads are too narrow to fit a car and are pedestrian-only. The villages were built in the hills so that inhabitants from the coast could escape from the pirates. The hills make these villages look even more stunning. But you’ll need to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be going up and down a lot.

Start with a stop at the tourist information point.

We did that for every village we visited. Whether it was a staffed office or just a sign with a map, they always offered a suggested itinerary to view the village’s best spots.

Don’t hesitate to get a bit lost.

We found some tiny cute streets by taking a wrong turn.

Take time to look for craft and art shops.

You may find the best souvenirs for your trip in these villages near St Tropez: soap, oil, pottery, paintings…

1. Gassin

Distance from St Tropez: 8km

Since it’s on the list of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France,” it would be silly not to consider spending a few hours in Gassin when you’re in the St Tropez region. Although the village was built with pastel stones, all the beautiful flowers growing on the walls make it look very colourful. It’s a pleasure to wander in the narrow streets of the lovely village.

Moreover, it has one of the best views of Saint Tropez Gulf and some vineyards as Provence is one of the best wine regions in France.

2. Ramatuelle

Distance from St Tropez: 10km

Ramatuelle is very close to Gassin, from a geographical and historical point of view. Perched on a hill, it also offers great views of the region and the surrounding vineyards. The experience of visiting one or the other was similar. If you’re staying for a few days near St Tropez, you may want to visit these two villages on two different days. If you have limited time, you may not want to visit both. I found Gassin slightly more picturesque.

If you’re stopping in Ramatuelle, take a look at the Church Notre Dame, built in the 16th century and its typical campanile (a squared bell tower).

3. Cogolin

Distance from St Tropez: 11km

The 14th-century clock tower is the special feature of this charming medieval village. You’ll find many small shops for such a small village. But it still looks authentic and pleasant.

Cogolin is known as the capital of the smoking pipe. In 1802, the Courrieu family created the first smoking pipes made of local briar root in Cogolin. Many producers followed. But they’re the only ones who remain in the village nowadays, making them one of the world’s oldest pipe artisans. And one of the most famous and reputed for their quality. Visitors are welcome to their studio.

4. Grimaud

Distance from St Tropez: 12km

View of the village of Grimaud with mounts in the background

Full of flowers, with narrow streets and a medieval style. All the villages near St Tropez are the same but different.

But Grimaud has some special features that make it a remarkable and picturesque village. It’s where they built the first church of the St Tropez region in the 11th century. The current one is from the 12th century, and its beautiful bell tower is from the 15th century.

At the top of a hill, the ruins of a castle remain. The views of the village from up there are worth the detour.

Grimaud is a lively village during the high season with a nice offer of cultural entertainment (concerts, festivals…).

The nearby mill “Saint Roch” was renovated at the end of the 20th century. It’s rather small and not open to visitors. However, the view of the village and St Tropez Bay is splendid.

You can easily drive to Saint Roch mill. There’s plenty of space to park if you’re not visiting on market day. Otherwise, it’s also possible to walk down there from the castle.

5. Port Grimaud

Distance from St Tropez: 12km

The new village of Port Grimaud is very different from the historical villages listed previously. But as it’s beautiful, it deserved a spot on the list of beautiful villages near St Tropez.

Sometimes described as the “Provencial Venise”, Port Grimaud has been built near the water, with canals and bridges linking the roads. Climb to the top of St Francis of Assisi Church to get the best view of Port Grimaud.

6. Bormes-Les-Mimosas

Distance from St Tropez: 35km

Bormes-Les-Mimosas is further from St Tropez than the other villages on that list. But 35km is still a reasonable distance to consider it’s a village near St Tropez, and it was one of my favourites so I really wanted it on that list.

We visited Bormes at the end of the day, after exploring Port Cros Island National Park just in front of it. The coloured houses with sea views were the most charming habitations of the area. It was calm and typical, with a group of older people playing petanque in the town square. The village cliche I was hoping for.

7. The famous Saint Tropez

St Tropez’s reputation is linked to parties, celebrities, luxurious yachts, and villas… Not what I was looking for when thinking of lovely villages in Provence. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to visit it. But it’s hard to remove such a famous destination from the list. And locals told me it was a beautiful village too.

Saint Tropez is crowded and busy during the summer. Don’t even try to drive there in July or August, you’ll be stuck in traffic jams. But we were travelling off-season, so we decided to give it a chance.

And I’m glad we did. Just a bit further from the lively port, the historic town centre is lovely. My favourite part of the visit was the view from the Citadel. In the foreground, we could admire the church in the local style (see the bell at the top). The rest was as lovely as it can get: a sunset on the water with the mountains in the background.

In the town centre, you’ll find a few fine food shops. It’s an excellent spot to try local products.

Where to stay near St Tropez

Bonus: go to a Provencal market

Visiting a market is always a nice way to learn more about a region’s culture and get an authentic experience.

Check out this website to find the market day in multiple provencal villages near St Tropez.

Local soap sold in a basket at a provencal market in a village near Saint Tropez

Have you ever visited these beautiful villages near St Tropez? Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below!

Map of these villages near St Tropez

Provence is a region in the southeast of France. The biggest town in the area is Marseille, and Nice is also well-known worldwide. The best way to travel in the region is by car. There is limited public transport but you may find shuttles during the high season.

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