Imagine sleeping in a traditional hut standing on a rock surrounded by water and a lagoon, with only the most simple wooden bridge to get there… for cheaper than a hotel room! New Caledonia isn’t a cheap destination so I always imagined accommodation over water in New Caledonia would not be in my budget. But I was wrong! Let me tell you more about this jewel we found in Mare and another accommodation over water in Noumea.

New Caledonia Accommodation Over Water - Mare Gite Seday Loyalty Island
One of my favourite accommodations in New Caledonia

Be aware that there aren’t many over water accommodation options in New Caledonia. Accommodations over water are a lot more popular (and expensive!) in French Polynesia, for example, further away in the Pacific Ocean.

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New Caledonia: accommodation over water in Mare

Hut on the Rock, Seday Guesthouse

If I had to pick the best place to stay in New Caledonia, I would straight away get this one in my mind. I realise it’s not what everyone has in mind when they look for accommodation over water. The view and the exclusivity is the only luxury you’ll get in this hut.

New Caledonia Accommodation Over Water Mare Loyalty Island Gite Seday Roh

When visiting New Caledonia, you can of course sleep in a hotel or resort, or you can choose a more authentic experience and stay at a simpler accommodation in a village with locals from a tribe. “Tribe stays” are not like the traditional hotel. It provides a more authentic experience and an opportunity to exchange with local people, the Kanaks. And the hut over water at Seday Guesthouse is the only hut like this that exists in the “tribe stay” offer.

The comfort is usually minimal and kept traditional with the mattresses on the floor and shared bathroom and toilets a few metres away. There is no air con in this hut at Seday Guesthouse, but the breeze was coming in nicely from the window and the door that we let slightly opened.

We don’t need more than that, as long as it’s clean! So the Gite Seday was perfect for us.

Unlike in the resorts, there’s no swimming pool but who cares when you can refresh in the beautiful lagoon straight from your room? We spotted a few anemonefish (Nemo!) while snorkelling there and in the morning, a big Napoleon fish came to greet us. Make sure you bring your snorkel gear with you as you cannot rent it easily around the island. Check out this article for more packing tips for your trip to New Caledonia.

Jacques, who owns the Gite Seday, was a fantastic host and we learnt a lot about Mare and the Kanak culture while he and his family served us dinner.

Where: Gite Seday in Roh, at the North of Mare, one of the Loyalty Islands that you can reach with a domestic flight from Noumea

Price: Less than 50 euros for two people per night and 60 euros for three people (maximum). Click here to book

New Caledonia: accommodation over water in Noumea

DoubleTree by Hilton Noumea Ilot Maitre Resort

In a different style, this hotel in Noumea is the best beachfront accommodation near Noumea. If you want more comfort and have the budget for it – the DoubleTree by Hilton Noumea Ilot Maitre Resort* will be your favourite option. It’s one of the most famous accommodations in New Caledonia.

After a short boat trip from Noumea (20 minutes), you’ll reach the small Ilot Maitre to stay at the only hotel on the island. If you book the bungalow over water, you will have an unbeatable view of the lagoon. The hotel offers all you need as well including facilities for a fun stay with a restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, a massage centre, a water-sport centre… and even a chapel if you want to celebrate something special!

The Ilot Maitre lagoon is known to have resident turtles so make sure you keep an eye open.

I didn’t go myself to this hotel. We were travelling as a group, and this would have exploded our budget. But for a romantic getaway as a couple, it sounds fantastic.

Where: Ilot Maitre, a small island in front of Noumea.

Price: Around 290 euros for two people per night, breakfast included. Click here to book*

Have you stayed in any accommodation over water in New Caledonia or elsewhere? Share your experience in the comments!

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