Noosa has it all. It is the town I’ve visited the most in Australia; that’s how much I love it! So why is this Queensland town so famous? Here’s a list of things to do in Noosa.

Some will enjoy its lively town centre with shops and fancy restaurants and hotels. While going down Hasting Street, there are beautiful bars with open terraces, live music and great cocktails. I am more of a nature lover, so I keep this for the night. It’s a perfect way to end the day.

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On the other side of the road, you’ll find the Australian clich√©: a surf club with a perfect view of the ocean, and a long white sand beach with surfers enjoying great waves. If you walk further up, you enter the National Park. Having a National Park close to a town like that is rare.

The coastal track goes along a forest – where you can try to spot koalas and rare owls – and leads to more secluded, charming beaches on the Granite Bay.

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During the same walk in Noosa National Park, we once saw a goanna, two pythons, a sea turtle, many kites and also humpback whales passing by. You can often spot dolphins too.

So much wildlife close to a town is hard to beat, isn’t it?

The information centre at the carpark keeps an updated chalkboard to make wildlife spotting easier. From Hell’s Gate – which looks more like paradise when you’re on land – you’ll have a perfect view of the ocean for dolphin and whale spotting.

The next stop is Alexandria Bay, a pure and natural beach only accessible by foot.

I’ve spent many afternoons relaxing there. I had found a cute shelter that felt like a holiday home for chilling on Saturdays. But a storm took it away. It’s okay because that beach is so amazing that you can find shade under the trees.

Don’t be too surprised to see naked people around – Alexandria Bay is naturalists’ favourite too.

Noosa Heads Lagoona Lookout
View from Noosa Heads Lagoona Lookout

You can carry on walking all along the bay to end up on Sunshine Beach, where a bus will take you back to Noosa. Stop at the Noosa Heads Lagoona Lookout to catch the sunset. If you choose to go back from where you came from instead of catching the bus, you’ll get amazing sunset views all along the coastal path. You’ll have to finish the walk in the dark but it’s not a problem as the path is easy to follow and quite regular.

When you had enough with the ocean, walking around town will also lead you to lovely canals for a different atmosphere.

Similar to its diversity in activities, Noosa also offers an extensive selection of accommodation. From hostels to luxury apartments, from houseboats to bed ‘n’ breakfasts… There is something to please all budgets and tastes.

Noosa’s surroundings are great to explore too. My favourite excursions are the Noosa Everglades (where you can hire a kayak or join a cruise) and the sand formations of Rainbow Beach that you can access by 4WD via Double Island Point.

Are you still not convinced that Noosa has it all? Well, let me mention the Noosa Chocolate Factory. It’s a shop – you cannot actually see them making the chocolate – but it’s worth a taste!

Where to stay in Noosa

Now that you’re convinced, you’ll want to book accommodation. There are many choices in Noosa Heads. Try to stay close to the main beach and the town centre, it’s lovely in the evening! Click here to view available accommodations*

What are your favourite things to do in Noosa? Share your experience in the comments below!

Where is Noosa?

Noosa is on the Sunshine Coast, in Australia. It takes approximately 1h45 to drive there from Brisbane.

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