The Oceanview walk in Burleigh Head National Park is a gem on the Gold Coast. The views are stunning, and it’s one of the most accessible national parks you’ll ever find – I could do it with crutches a few days after knee surgery! And to make it even more special, you can learn about the local Aboriginal culture along the way.

Book a tour to visit the Oceanview Walk in Burleigh Head National Park

The best way to explore the Oceanview Walk is on a guided tour. If you plan to visit the Oceanview Walk during the week, you can book a tour with Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre. The cultural centre is also an excellent place to buy ethical Australian souvenirs.

The walk is on a paved and marked track; you don’t need a guide to find your way. But hearing stories from a local really adds something special to the walk.

A local Aboriginal guide will introduce you to local history before taking you to the Oceanview Walk. During the walk around the Dreaming Mountain “Jellurgal”, you will learn a lot about the local culture, language, traditions and culturally significant sites in the area. Even if I had joined a few cultural tours in Australia (near Coffs Harbour, Port Douglas, Uluru and Central Coast), I learnt new things on the Jellurgal Walkabout.

If you plan to visit during the weekend, the cultural centre will be closed, unfortunately. They may still be able to organise a guide if you’re a group; it’s worth asking.

If you cannot join a tour, don’t miss the signs

Once again, it’s a really easy walk. There’s no need for navigation skills, and you won’t get lost if you miss the signs. I recommend not missing them because they’re an excellent opportunity to learn about the local Aboriginal culture. You will find signs about the local stories, culturally significant sites and traditions all along the path.

Responsible travel tip: From the Oceanview Walk, you can spot beautiful rocks at the top of the mountain and people posing for photos up there. The Aboriginal story says it’s the hand of Giant Jabreen. If you ended on this article while looking for this famous Instagram spot in Burleigh Heads, please reconsider your plans. It is in a restricted area. The ancient lava columns are a sacred place for Aboriginal people and, sadly, visitors are damaging the site. If you want a stunning view, follow the track up the mountain to Tumgun Lookout.

Other reasons why I love the Oceanview walk

You won’t often find easy-to-reach walks that are as good as the Oceanview walk. It’s a fantastic option when you don’t have time or energy for a “real walk”, or if you are with young kids or injured people.

The diversity of landscape this short stroll offers is amazing. The one-kilometre walk takes you through a forest with beautiful trees and rocks, along a creek with stunning colours, and then next to the ocean with a beach made of black volcanic rock.

Where is the Oceanview walk in Burleigh Heads National Park?

The Oceanview walk goes around the headland of Burleigh Head National Park. You can access it from Tallebudgera Creek (park at Jellurgal Aboriginal Centre) or Goodwin Terrace near Burleigh Beach (limited parking spots). The one-kilometre path is rather flat and well-maintained.

You may want to allow more time to check out Burleigh Heads Rock Pools and the view of Surfers Paradise in the background. If you want to have lunch with a view, it’s a good spot. You have space to sit on the grass in front of the ocean and a few restaurants with a view. As often in the region, the local Surf Club is a good option for a budget meal with an unbeatable view. If you can walk uphill, consider coming back via the top of the headland by following the Rainforest Circuit and Tumgun Lookout. If you’re there on a hot day, Tallebudgera Creek is also a reputed calm spot for a dip.

It’s hard to get lost in Burleigh Head National Park, but here’s a map to plan your trip.

Burleigh Head is on the Gold Coast, about half an hour south of Surfers Paradise in Queensland (Australia). It takes just over one hour to drive there from Brisbane when there’s no traffic.


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