We’ve explored many waterfalls on Australia’s East Coast, and without hesitation, I give Protesters Falls a spot on the must-see list for waterfall lovers travelling around this area.

Protesters Falls - Byron Bay hinterland

It only takes 15 minutes to walk to the bottom of Protesters Falls. But the beautiful views started straight away.

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Most of the track is an easy walk up through the rainforest along the lovely Terania creek that will treat you with lovely cascades along the path.

We reached Protesters Falls just after midday when the sunlight’s were still hitting the falls. It had rained the week before to fill up the creek. It was an excellent time to visit. The light on the falls was beautiful, and the sun created a mesmerising rainbow moving at the base.

Although it was a hot day, it didn’t feel like it. It’s a nice place to escape from the heat: the rainforest is fantastic for keeping you in the shade. The beautiful forest is now part of a protected national park thanks to the logging protest in 1979, which gave the name to the falls. It is tempting to have a dip; it is not allowed to swim in the water near Protesters Falls. The creek is home to a rare and endangered species of frogs, the Fleay’s barred frog. But don’t worry, you can still get a nice refreshing mist from the power of the falls when you stand in front of it.

Responsible tips: Frogs are an important part of Australia’s rivers and creeks and it’s necessary to be careful when visiting a national park. Try not to move rocks and logs as you would risk destroying their habitat.

The Fleay’s barred frog has already completely disappeared from the Bunya Mountains and Mount Tamborine, and it’s not the only species of frogs at risk in Australia: four species of frogs have already disappeared and almost 30 others are under threat. There are just over 200 species of frogs in Australia, and many of them are endemic (they cannot be found anywhere else in the world!).

Where are Protesters Falls?

Protester Falls are located in the Byron Bay Hinterland, between Byron Bay and Nimbin, in Nightcap National Park.

It takes 3h hours to drive there from Brisbane, and 1.5 hours from Byron Bay.

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