The Blue Mountains are arguably the most popular day trip from Sydney. And it seems no one ever visits the Blue Mountains without stopping at the Three Sisters and Echo Point. The Three Sisters are one of the most important icons in Australia and the Echo Point lookout provides breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains.

But many reviews on TripAdvisor can make you doubt it’s worth a spot on Australia’s bucket list: “Not worth the drive”, “disappointing”, “normal rocks”, “horrible tourist trap”, “would avoid if you can”, “way too many people”…

So, are the Three Sisters and Echo Point overrated or a must-see?

Are you also planning to visit the famous Wentworth Falls? Read these tips before you go!

Three Sisters Echo Point Blue Mountains Katoomba

It’s true that the Three Sisters and Echo Point can feel too touristy.

If you’re planning a trip to the Blue Mountains to enjoy the wilderness of the national park, the Three Sisters and Echo Point are not the places to put on your itinerary. It’s one of the most popular spots in New South Wales.

You’ll struggle to find a place where to park (and it will cost you $4 per hour!). And you’ll have to wait for your turn to take a photo. Although the Echo Point lookout platform is big, there are many people along the fences admiring the rocks and trying to take a selfie without being photobombed.

Surprisingly, Echo Point is not even the best lookout in the Blue Mountains.

I much prefer Pulpit Rock, and only a few tourists get to see it. But Echo Point is perfect for people with limited fitness¬†abilities. There’s even a wheelchair-accessible track at the start of the Three Sisters Walk where you’ll almost feel like you’re bushwalking but without any difficulty. I enjoyed the comfort of not having to focus on my steps when I visited when wearing a walking boot.

Echo Point Three Sisters Walk Katoomba Blue Mountains
Lookout on the Three Sisters Walk Katoomba Blue Mountains

Why I recommend visiting the Three Sisters and Echo Point (+ tips for a better visit)

Not seeing the Three Sisters when visiting the Blue Mountains would be like not seeing the Eiffel Tower on a trip to Paris. I wouldn’t go there again and again, but I’d recommend seeing it at least once.

The Three Sisters aren’t the world’s most impressive rocks. The Blue Mountains aren’t the world’s most impressive mountains. The Jamison Valley doesn’t host the world’s most impressive canyon. But the original rock formations, made from wind erosion and rain, are still an impressive and beautiful sight.

And what’s fascinating about the Three Sisters is to visit an Aboriginal mythical place of legends and stories.

The Three Sisters can be an excellent starting point to get introduced to the Aboriginal culture. You will have in front of you great illustrations of the Dreaming and the importance of storytelling. You can read interesting information on the boards at Echo Point.

Go to the Three Sisters Echo Point Lookout before 9 am.

Although we visited during the busiest time in the season (on the weekend between Christmas and New Year), there were only a few people at Echo Point when we arrived early in the morning.

We didn’t have to share the lookouts on the Three Sisters Walk, and we were even by ourselves at the Honeymoon Bridge at the bottom of the first Sister.

View from Honeymoon Bridge Three Sisters Blue Mountains
View from Honeymoon Bridge with one of the Three Sisters on the left
One of the Three Sisters Lookout Katoomba Blue Mountains
One of the Three Sisters Blue Mountains Katoomba
One of the Three Sisters from Giant Stairways Katoomba Blue Mountains

As we left, more people were arriving and the start of the narrow Giant Stairways was already getting crowded. It would have ruined my experience to have to queue there.

View from Honeymoon Bridge Giant Stairways Blue Mountains Katoomba
Stairs to reach Honeymoon Bridge and one of the Three Sisters

If you can spend the night in the Blue Mountains, it’s surely the best way to enjoy the Three Sisters and Echo Point without the crowd.

Go to the Three Sisters after 5 pm.

The Three Sisters and Echo Point lookout get quieter after 5 pm. Most tours should have left by then.

In summer, you’ll still have plenty of daylight time to enjoy the surroundings. And as the sun starts to go lower, the colours of the rocks change.

Late afternoon lights on the Three Sisters with Echo Point Lookout on the left (taken from Eagle Hawk Lookout)

Visit Eagle Hawk Lookout as an alternative to Echo Point.

As you get further away from the Three Sisters, you get further away from the crowd too. And you’ll get a different angle over the Three Sisters. The Eagle Hawk Lookout sits lower than Echo Point Lookout, and less to the side.

If you don’t want to make effort, Scenic World* is the best option to experience the immensity of the Blue Mountains.

You can ride the steepest passenger railway in the world or get suspended 270 metres above ground in a cabin with a glass floor with panoramic views of the Three Sisters. Some people love the experience. But if you’re visiting during the high season, expect to queue and share the ride with many people.

But it’s surely not something for young adventurers. I much prefer hiking or canyoning to explore the wilderness of the Blue Mountains.

Scenic World from Honeymoon Bridge Katoomba Blue Mountains

Abseil Malaita Point to view the Three Sisters all by yourself

Abseiling (combined with canyoning if you can!) is one of the best ways to experience the immensity of the Blue Mountains. Many routes don’t require any previous knowledge. But those scared of heights may want to try an introduction to abseiling before tackling a big cliff, though.

Abseiling down Malaita Point is a fantastic way to combine adrenaline with a view of the famous Three Sisters.

Abseiling in the Blue Mountains (not Mailata Point)

Where are the Three Sisters and Echo Point and how to get there?

The famous Three Sisters and Echo Point Lookout are only 1.5 hours away from Sydney by car (approximately 100 kilometres).

If you don’t have a car, the easiest way to discover the Blue Mountains is to join a tour*.

Alternatively, there are trains that will take you from Central Sydney to Katoomba in about two hours. You can then catch a bus to the Three Sisters and Echo Point. If you plan to visit more sites in the Blue Mountains – which I highly recommend, you may be interested in the Blue Mountains Explorer Bus*.

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