Do you need some inspiration to find gifts for scuba divers? I’ve been scuba diving for a few years. And many gifts I received were linked to my passion. Here are some scuba diving gift ideas for different types of budgets.

Equipment gifts for scuba divers

As a scuba diver, I like to choose my own equipment. It’s important to try it on and get the features you need. Sometimes, an item is the best choice for one scuba diver but not for the other – it depends on what you actually need. And scuba diving equipment can quickly become technical. Hence, a voucher for scuba diving equipment is often the safest choice. But if you don’t like giving away vouchers, these items can be safe choices:


For scuba divers who don’t own a camera yet, I can think of three models that are compact and easy to use for fantastic amateur results:

  1. The Nikon W-300*: I love this compact camera. You can go down to 30 metres without a case so it’s super easy to carry around – but there’s no case to go deeper than that, which can be limiting for advanced divers. The macro mode and the manual white balance allow taking wonderful pictures.
  2. The Olympus TG6*: It’s the same kind of camera as the Nikon W-300, but the Olympus TG6 is only waterproof up to 15 meters and must be put in an underwater housing* to go deeper (up to 100 meters). However, it allows shooting in RAW format, which can become important for those who like doing post-editing.
  3. The GoPro*: The GoPro is probably the most famous underwater camera. It’s hard to get something easier to use. The GoPro will provide better movies than photos, though, and options are limited (no easy manual white balance, no macro mode). You’ll need to add a case when scuba diving as it’s only waterproof up to 10 metres without a case. But even with an underwater housing*, it stays a very small camera that’s very handy for new scuba divers and provides a quality image used by professionals.


I love diving with a torch, and I’m not even talking about night dives.

First, this equipment will improve safety. If there’s a problem and I lose my buddy, my torch can be seen from further away so the search is easier.

Second, the colours of the animals or the walls when you light them up are incredible. It makes every dive better.

Third, I like to keep my equipment compact and a torch is a good tool to add light to my photos when needed.

The torches my buddy and I use are from the same brand (BigBlue), but different models. One has a wide beam, which is better for filming. The other one is more focused, which is better to see further away.

Cutting device

Scuba diving with a cutting device is important for safety. There are even places, like Queensland in Australia, where it’s mandatory. But it’s an item that does not always make it to the top of the list of scuba divers’ gear when they start buying their equipment.

I opted for a small, discreet Eezycut* that I simply attach to my BCD. It will work perfectly for fishing lines, but it’s not very versatile. Many divers prefer to carry a real knife. Some keep it around their legs, but I personally find this uncomfortable, and I prefer when it’s attached to my equipment.

Scuba diving socks

That’s a piece of equipment that falls into the luxury category. But we all love to keep our feet warm, right? Scuba diving socks can make a winter dive a lot more comfortable. There are many options to choose from, but I love the warmth of Sharkskin microfleece*.

Accessories to be remarkable

Coloured belt

Not only are black weight belts boring, but they’re also super annoying, as many other people will have the same model. Scuba divers often remove their weight belt at the surface, so it’s easy to climb back on the boat. But the weight belt gets put anywhere by the person who catches it. And then it’s a hunt to find it for the next dive. Unless you have “the yellow weight belt with blue weight stoppers”. This one won’t be picked by mistake.

Fun hood

Most scuba diving hoods are black. A fun hood is a good way to make sure your buddy easily recognise you when you’re diving in a group.


To be seen in a dark environment, forget chemical stick lights and buy a reusable and environmentally friendly item such as a reusable glow-in-the-dark stick or a reflective sticker.


The rattle or shaker is the easiest way to make noise underwater to catch your buddy’s attention. But some may prefer an aluminium pointer as it can have a few different potential uses: to bang on your tank for attention, to point to something without risking your fingers or to stabilise when taking a photo. Plus, the stick comes in many fun colours! Please remember to be careful not to disturb or damage the environment when you use a pointer.

Mask strap

The mask strap isn’t only a good hair protector. It’s also a great way for your buddy to recognise you underwater if you have an original one!

Prescription mask

It’s not an easy gift to purchase for someone else, but it’s a good idea to suggest or give a voucher for. There are magnifiers that you can stick to the bottom of the mask to read your dive computer more easily. I’ve never tried these, but I’ve seen someone using them to better see small critters like nudibranchs.

Accessories for scuba divers

Gear marker to personalise scuba diving gear

Scuba divers often wash and hang their gear next to each other. And some items look very similar – and sometimes are actually the same.

A gear marker is a great scuba diving gift to reduce the risk of losing gear. A little drawing will make it easier for everyone to notice whose gear it is. Make sure you pick a non-toxic one!

Scuba diving tools

A few tools and o-rings can save a dive. Make sure you keep it small, so it’s easy to add to the scuba diving equipment.

UV-protection when on the boat

 A scuba diving trip isn’t only about being underwater. It often involves a boat trip, hopefully in a sunny location. When on the water, scuba divers need to be protected from the sun. A cap or a hat will be useful for scuba divers. Sunglasses are also an important part of the equipment needed on a boat. You want them to have a good UV rating and to be strong, as there may not always be a nice and clean space to store them.

Accessories to change easily

I often find that the hardest part of scuba diving is getting changed. Unless you can do it in the shower, there’s always a challenge when taking off the wetsuit. But there are solutions to make things easier. For example, a mat that then turns into a bag can avoid putting sand or dirt on wet gear. And a poncho towel is perfect for getting changed in the car park.

Scuba diving gifts for home or the office

When they’re not underwater, scuba divers think a lot about it. Items that remind them of their exciting trips can make their days on land more enjoyable.

Water bottle

Bottle opener


Xmas tree decoration

I admit I’m not a big fan of Xmas decorations. I find it weird to store cartons of useless things we may only use once a year. But scuba divers who love the Xmas spirit will love to put some ocean-related decorations in their Xmas tree. If you are looking for the best gifts for scuba divers for a Xmas present, this could come as a nice addition to the party.

To share the diving love when commuting

Licence plates and travel tags could please a scuba diver that drives or flies a lot.


There are many marine animal-related pieces of jewellery that could please scuba divers. It’s a great way to remember good times underwater and get a chance to chat about it when someone comments on the bracelet or necklace!

Books for scuba divers

Books are a fantastic source of inspiration to plan new trips and learn new skills.

Training for scuba divers

This may be my favourite present on this list. My family members got together to pay for my PADI Advanced Certification, and I got to do it diving at Julian’s Rock (Byron Bay), one of the best dive sites on Australia’s East Coast.

Scuba diving trips

A liveaboard trip is one of the best gifts for scuba divers. If it’s over your budget or you’re worried about the logistics, check if there are any local dives you can book instead. Many dive shops sell vouchers that can be purchased as a gift.

Support for an environmental cause

Most scuba divers love the idea of saving the ocean and supporting a great cause. You could consider making a donation as a gift. You can even find some original ways to gift a donation. For example, some organisations will let you adopt a turtle (like WWF-Australia), a Coral (like Coral Guardian) or even adopt a Reef (like ReefCheck Australia).

Bonus: gift for scuba divers with kids

From clothes to toys for fun and learning about marine life, there are scuba diving gifts that will make many parents happy to share their passion with their little one!

Have you found a great gift idea for scuba divers? Share it in the comments below!

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