There’s an easy answer to the question “what to do with my belongings when I go swimming or scuba diving?”: keep them in your room (safer option) or your car (hidden, of course). But then what should you do with your car keys while you are in the water?

I love snorkelling and scuba diving; it brings me a feeling of serenity. So I really do not want to worry about my keys when I’m in the water. I’m grateful we found an easy solution to keep our car key safe when we’re scuba diving and snorkelling.

Solutions I’ve tried to keep my car keys safe when I’m in the water

If you’re going on a tour, they may accept that you leave your keys at the office. This can work if you trust them; I wouldn’t do it everywhere. Sometimes, they offer you take them on the boat with you. In that case, I highly recommend putting them in a dry bag* just in case. But there’s still a risk of losing them if they get dropped or if someone grabs the wrong bag.

I’ve tried a few ways to keep my keys safe while snorkelling and scuba diving.

Thieves are increasingly aware of the tricks to hide keys. So hiding them onshore, even when scuba diving in Australia, one of the safest countries out there, is not an option for me. The RACQ even urged Australians to be careful with their keys when they’re at the beach.

I want to fully enjoy my time in the water without worrying about my keys. That’s why I also didn’t want to risk having the key with us in the water with a waterproof box* as it could get lost or flooded.

After a bit of research and asking many surfer friends, I’ve found the best solution for us to keep our car keys safe when snorkelling and scuba diving.

The key lock works perfectly for us. We both know the code to be able to access the car easily and we cannot lose it. We attach it to our suspension spring in the car wheel. It’s both hidden and secure. Check it out on Amazon*.

Lock to secure keys on a gate and keep them safe when swimming or snorkelling or scuba diving

Tips to choose the best key lock

There are a couple of things to consider when you’re looking at buying a key lock to keep your keys safe when you go in the water.

  • The capacity: check the interior dimensions to make sure the lock is big enough to fit your key!
  • Outdoor use: make sure it’s made to be used outside, with a cover for the combination so that rain doesn’t ruin the dials!

What do you do with your keys when swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving? Share your experience in the comments below!

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  1. jaan

    You might also consider a DRYFOB aluminum container made for car key storage that is rated to a depth of 130 ft / 1hr allowing you can take your keys with you. We designed and built it because we are divers and could not find a good solution ourselves (more about our story on the dryfob website). The product was released this past May and could be an option for those that don’t want to leave the keys on shore (whether in a lock box or hidden as many do). If we could, we would gladly come and hand deliver one for you in Australia so I could dive in your neck of the woods (an unfulfilled dream for now). Thanks for your informative article

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