Do you sometimes find it hard to identify what you are looking at? Peak Finder identifies all mountains and peaks around you with a 360° panorama display. I have only used it in the Scenic Rim area near Brisbane and at Mt Kosciuszko (Australia’s highest summit), and it easily identified all the peaks we could see around us even those that were not high! 

Mount Kosciuszko - Main Range Summit loop - ID
From Main Range Walk

The concept

  1. PeakFinder identifies your position with your GPS on your device
  2. You can then point to the direction you are looking at, and the map on your screen will display the name of the peaks in front of you.
peak finder identify moutains near you

The app works offline so you will be able to use it even when you don’t have any reception. You will just need to download the map of the area before.

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