Even if you love travelling, it may not be your number one priority in your life. Kids, house, careers or another passion… When travelling is not your first concern, you have less time and/or less money to allocate to this hobby. Still, you want to travel more.

Here is my solution: feed your travel craving by exploring your own region.

Do you need some ideas? I’ve listed five tips below. Please share yours in the comment section! You’ll be surprised by how many exciting everyday adventures you can do close to home

1. Visit the tourist information centre of your hometown or region

I find it inspiring to see the photos and the guides available at the tourist information centres. Sometimes, you can speak to an agent there that can guide you according to your hobbies. Grab some brochures and maps, and be a tourist next to home!

They will also provide information on upcoming markets, special events and festival you may be interested in joining!

2. Talk to foreigners who live in your region

In my experience, we usually visit more a region (or a country!) when we are a foreigner. So if you have friends who are not originally from where you live, ask them about their visits. They may have some great tips for you!

Travelling isn’t only about seeing new places. The experience is also a lot about meeting people, learning about different cultures, trying new food… You can get a bit of this at home by adding foreign friends to your local network! 

3. Find out what people do and like when they visit your region

I love reading blogs and interacting online with other travellers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to find new places to explore. By browsing a travel blog about your region, you can see it through different eyes and get inspired! Because we see it too often, we tend to take what’s nearby for granted and miss some lovely details about it. 

4. Invite a friend to visit you

Invite a friend who is not a local to visit you, and let him or her pick the activities. He or she will have new eyes on your habits and usual places that can make them a lot more exciting for you. Travelling is a lot about exchanging with others and comparing our lifestyle. 

5. Catch the sunset or the moonrise

There are natural events that can turn a usual place into a fascinating experience. My favourites are sunsets and moonrises. Storms can work too. Lakes, river banks or a lookout from a hill are perfect for this. I have a list of great places for sunset and moonrise one hour away from home, and I love to check them out! 

What about you? What do you do to travel in your region? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Ellie Cleary

    These are some great tips! I’ve been putting some of them into practise myself recently having just returned to London after 6 months of travelling. I love going out with my camera and just seeing what I discover – especially if the weather is decent. I’d add one other thing to your point #5 πŸ˜‰ and that’s sunrise. There’s nothing like waking up super early to get out and watch the sunrise in a place we’re familiar with I find! Thanks for sharing your tips on this! Ellie

    1. Eloise

      Thanks for sharing your tips too, Ellie! You’re so right about sunrise! I know why I forgot it… I’m not a morning person πŸ˜‰ London, and the South of England, are amazing places to explore, have fun!

  2. C-Ludik

    One of the biggest pieces of advice you give to those wanting to travel more, is to simply travel in your own backyard πŸ™‚ It’s one of the most overlooked and cheapest ways of having more travel in your life ! Great tips πŸ™‚ I would add the 2 following : discover new walking trails & use social media for good for inspiration.

    1. Eloise

      Thanks! Walking trails are a good tip! And yes, social media are a good source of ideas πŸ™‚

  3. lincalinca

    For me travelling in my region also means the neighboring country, actually, a really unknown part of it! I am going there in 2 weeks and I hope it will be a great experience to inspire more people to visit πŸ˜‰

    1. Eloise

      That’s so lucky when you can experience a different country nearby! πŸ™‚

  4. Ha Truong

    Yes I would love to travel more around my places! It’s so true that tourists travel and explore the area more than locals. Love those tips so I pinned it!

    1. Eloise

      Thank you very much! I hope you’ll find time to travel in your region πŸ˜€

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