Diving Wolf Rock is among Australia’s best dives, especially for shark fans and those who like to see some big species. The two small rocks at the surface near Double Island Point (Rainbow Beach) actually go 30 metres deep and hide a fantastic treasure underwater. Be ready for an adventure!

Rainbow Beach Diving Wolf Rock 05 - Grey Nurse Shark

Wolf Rock Dive: an adventure underwater

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This Rainbow Beach diving trip is not for beginners. Wolf Rock is a deep dive site. You’ll need an Advanced Open Water Certification to dive there, or you’ll have to take the Deep Dive course.

I did my first dive there just after my Advanced Certification. I had never gone that deep before. It reflected straight away on my air consumption. Combined with the surprising surge and the excitement, I wasn’t relaxed enough, and this may have been my shortest dive ever! Since, I only improved and I now easily reach the 45-minute bottom time limit.

During each dive at Wolf Rock, we saw the impressive Grey Nurse Sharks chilling around. Large groups of them relax there all year round. Although these big sharks look nasty with their huge teeth, they’re actually placid and not easily frightened. They will swim around and give you one of the best shark experiences you can get!

Rays are also often spotted in the area: Manta Rays or Eagle Rays seem to be the most common, and we loved seeing a few Bull Rays the first time we dived there. We also saw Leopard Sharks, Wobbegongs, Turtles, Giant Groupers and huge schools of fish. During winter, you may spot migrating whales from the boat and hear them singing underwater. Seriously, it’s one of the best dive sites in Australia.

Wolf Rock Dive: an adventure on the boat too!

Rainbow Beach diving is laborious. Be prepared. You’re likely to suffer a bit on your way from Rainbow Beach to Wolf Rock! But the team will make it as smooth as possible for you.

Although the dive site isn’t too far from Double Island Point Beach, the dive boat comes all the way from Rainbow Beach Marina. I wish we could embark somehow at Double Island Point like I did once with my dive club: they would see me more often!

Both times, I spent the one-hour boat trip clung on to the vessel, and I received too much water in the face to be able to enjoy the fantastic views of Rainbow Beach’s coloured sands. If you can, try to seat on the left side.

Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands
Coloured sand in Rainbow Beach

And when we finally stopped, I wished we hadn’t. If you’re easily seasick, you may not have a good time diving Wolf Rock. The team offers a trip to the pharmacy to buy seasickness pills before leaving (they aren’t allowed to provide them), and you may want to consider that option. On average for my two trips there, half of the visitors got sick during the one-hour interval between the two dives.

But the crew will do their best to make you feel good. If needed, they’ll find a protected area so you can still enjoy some food and warm drinks. When it’s time to go back into the water, they’ll help you with your equipment if you need to watch the horizon. And they provide warm and waterproof jackets to keep you warm on the way back. I read on social media that they’ve upgraded their boat since the last time we dived there. Hopefully, it’s a bit more comfortable. I guess we have an excuse to go back to compare! Yay!

Have you been to Rainbow Beach for scuba diving? How was it? Share your experience in the comments below!

Where to stay in Rainbow Beach

We always camp on the beach when we go there, at Double Island Point if we have a 4WD or at Inskip Point if not. If you don’t like camping, click here to check out some hotel options!*

Diving in Rainbow Beach is incredible, but it’s not the only fun activity you can do there. Read this article to find out more!

Where is Rainbow Beach / Wolf Rock?

Rainbow Beach is about 3 hours north of Brisbane, just in front of Fraser Island. If you have a 4WD, you can go from Noosa to Rainbow Beach via the beach. You’ll pass Double Island Point on the way: Wolf Rock is just nearby. But the dive shop is in Rainbow Beach town, and the boat leaves from the bay for a long boat ride to the rock.

You can also find excellent dives with Grey Nurse Sharks at Julians Rock (Byron Bay), Fish Rock Cave (South West Rocks), Cherubs Cave (Moreton Bay) or Broughton Island (Port Stephens).

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