A day trip from Paris to Normandy and Mont St Michel is the most popular itinerary in France. Indeed, after Paris, Mont St Michel is the most visited site in France with more than one million visitors per year. And it’s easy to understand why it attracts many people. The Mont St Michel is fascinating, unique and mysterious. Very close to shore in the English Channel, it is a rocky island with an 11th-century abbey built on it. This historical masterpiece is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel

Read more about why I love it so much and scroll down for the tips to organise a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel.

My memories of the Mont St Michel

I have been to the Mont St Michel many times as I used to spend my summer holidays nearby when I was a kid. The last time I went, there was in February 2006. These are my memories of this unforgettable and extraordinary place.

From the car park, it is already quite impressive to see the rock standing there with nothing around it but sand or the sea… It is unbelievable how they managed, at that time, to build such a magnificent monument in this environment. Indeed, the scenery highly depends on the tides, which are the biggest in Europe. They are reputed to be very dangerous because they change very quickly in the bay, and the mount is surrounded by quicksands as well! Nowadays, we can access the Mont Saint Michel at any time, but it has not always been the case!

The place can be visited on foot only. I find it fun to explore the medieval streets with narrow passages and stairways that can lead you to a beautiful view of the bay.

I have always been there during the off-peak season, and it was always busy, I cannot even imagine how it is during peak season as it is quite small. I would not allow more than one day for the visit; I believe it is perfect to enjoy the site and the surrounding beautiful landscape thoroughly.

Tip: Book your ticket online before your visit to skip the queue!*

If you want to make a weekend out of your visit to Mont Saint Michel, I highly recommend you to check out the beautiful Saint-Malo nearby!

How to organise a day trip from Paris to Mont St Michel

The Mont Saint Michel can be visited on a day trip from Paris by joining a tour. If you don’t have much time, I believe that’s the best option for a day trip from Paris to Normandy and Mont St Michel. According to your budget, there are private day tours (click here for more info*) or tours by coach (click here for more info*) that will take you from Paris to Mont St Michel.

I would not recommend going from Paris to Mont St Michel by car just for a day trip as it is a 4-hour return trip, and that’s not including the queue when you try to reach the car park (you can book your ticket online to skip the queue*).

It is possible to do a Mont St Michel day trip from Paris by public transport. Unfortunately, it’s not one of these easy day trips from Paris by train. You’ll need to take the high-speed train going from Paris to Rennes in two hours (book it in advance to get the best prices – it can be as cheap as 16 euros if you’re lucky!), and then you’ll need another 90-minute trip (depending on traffic) by coach to reach the Mont St Michel (15 euros). Pontorson, Saint-Malo and Dol are other stations nearby that you may want to check when planning a trip.

There are also airports nearby: Dinard is 70km away, Rennes is 75km away, and Nantes is 180km away. If you are in another European city, this can be a good way to land closer to Mont St Michel. However, taking a flight from Paris to Mont St Michel is not a good option.

If you decide to stay for one night, click here to view available accommodation nearby*.

Where is Mont St Michel?

Mont St Michel is located on the border of Normandy and Brittany, in the northwest of France. It’s on the English Channel, approximately 350km from Paris.

A lovely road trip around France could take you from Paris to the Loire Valley, then going back up via Saint-Malo and the Mont St Michel and back to Paris via Normandy and Rouen.

Have you done a day trip from Paris to the Mont St Michel? Share your experience in the comments below!

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