Have you heard of the Mt Tamborine wineries in the Gold Coast Hinterland? When thinking about Australian wines, Queensland is not the first region to come in mind. Beer and rum are more often associated with the hot and humid state. Still, for those in South Queensland, there are a few places inland where you can escape the city and the coast to enjoy wine tasting at local wineries.

My favourite Queensland wine escape is on the Granite Belt, but it’s too far for just a day trip. So Mt Tamborine wineries are a good alternative for a short getaway from Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Plus, you’ll find a few walks in Mount Tamborine and beautiful waterfalls nearby.

If you cannot find someone in your group willing to stay sober, you can book a Mount Tamborine wine tour! For example, check this one leaving from Brisbane* or the Gold Coast*.

Mt Tamborine Winery - Mason Wines
Mason Wines

What to expect when visiting Mt Tamborine wineries

If you hope to find Australia’s finest wines and scenic vine landscapes in Mt Tamborine wineries, lower your expectations. Although we enjoyed the wine tasting experience there, Mt Tamborine is not the most reputed wine region in Australia. They actually only have very few grapes growing there as most wines are produced in the Granite Belt (a bit more south, but still in Queensland) and brought to Mount Tamborine.

Still, Mt Tamborine Winery Trail is a great indoor activity when it’s raining in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. It can also be a great addition to a romantic weekend in this scenic region, or something different while visiting the nearby national parks or after the Skywalk.

If you know where to go, you’ll have a great time tasting wine in Mt Tamborine. We tasted some excellent wines and even bought a few bottles.

Although the climate in the South-East Queensland mountains is less hot and humid than the rest of Queensland, it is still not ideal for wine production. And you will probably taste it in some wines. For this region, I find opting for sweet wines (port and Moscato) is less risky, but I had great surprises during wine tastings.

What are the best Mt Tamborine wineries to visit?

I’m a firm believer that one size does not fit all. The best Mt Tamborine winery depends on what you want to do that day. So here’s my selection of the wineries in the Mount Tamborine region and why they may be the best Mount Tamborine winery for you.

Click here to download the Wine Trail Map featuring all the Mt Tamborine wineries.

Witches Falls Winery

This Mt Tamborine winery has been our favourite so far. They seduced us from the staff to the decor and of course the quality of the wines. Although the atmosphere is relaxed, it still felt high-end. You can taste the wines with a local cheese platter or even enjoy a lovely picnic in the beautiful gardens. And even if the grapes come from Stanthorpe (in the Granite Belt), the wines are made locally in Mt Tamborine.

As you can guess from the name, the Witches Falls are nearby if you’re keen on a short walk. There’s also a cottage within walking distance for a great romantic getaway: the Witches Falls Cottage*.

It’s the best Mt Tamborine winery if you’re looking for a local and intimate experience. Plus, they seem to be the only winery to make the wines in Mount Tamborine.

Address: 79 Main Western Rd, North Tamborine

Mt Tamborine Winery - Witches Falls Gardens
Mt Tamborine Winery - Witches Falls - Gardens with bird

Cedar Creek Estate Winery

Mt Tamborine Winery - Cedar Creek Estate

Cedar Creek Estate Winery offers the real winery restaurant experience, but we only went there for wine tasting.

The wine tasting is at the Queensland Wine Centre, where they have a selection of wines from the Queensland region. With the man-made glow worm cave, the gift shop and the rainforest learning centre next door, the atmosphere and the decor weren’t matching what you usually expect when you visit an estate. Unfortunately, neither did the quality of the wines in my opinion, but you may be luckier than us with the selection when you visit. The staff was nice, but we were quite disappointed by the experience. We didn’t connect at all with the place. The best part of our estate visit was the walk in the vineyard and along the lovely lake.

You can taste two complimentary wines or five wines for $4. They were particularly proud to showcase a liquor creme, described as Bailey’s style but better.

It’s a good choice if you simply want to try local wines and combine your visit with the activities next door. 

Important note: I didn’t try the restaurant so this review is only about the wine tasting experience.

Address: 104-144 Hartley Rd, North Tamborine

Mt Tamborine Vineyard and Winery

Mt Tamborine Vineyard and Winery

The Mt Tamborine Vineyard and Winery is a cellar door for wines produced on the Granite Belt, and a restaurant. We only experienced the wine tasting there with a selection of five wines for $5. The 2014 Black Shiraz was delicious and undoubtedly one of the top ones we’ve tried in the Mt Tamborine region. They have original ports on the list if you feel adventurous and want to try something different. I wasn’t seduced, but it was doomed to fail as I’m not a port fan!

I particularly like this place as I found it interesting that they feature many other locally made products.

It’s a good option if you want to taste delicious wines after or before lunch as it is located in a busy area.

Address: 128 Long Rd, Tamborine

Albert River Wines

Not visited yet.

I love the description of this winery. Located in a historical building, they offer farm tours as well as a winery restaurant and a cellar door.

Address: 869 Mundoolun Connection Rd, Tamborine

Mason Wines

Mt Tamborine Winery - Mason Wines Terrace

Despite the few vines showcased at the entrance, Mason Wines is not a winery but just a cellar door that offers wine tasting. The grapes and the wines are produced in Stanthorpe in the Granite Belt. They created a pleasant atmosphere with great decor and a charming terrace with garden views.

Again, we could taste five wines for $5. Most of them were good. We highly recommend their Shiraz Cabernet, and they served me one of the rare dessert wines I liked (the Late Harvest).

It’s a good alternative if you want to do wine tasting in a lovely setting.

Address: 32 Hartley Rd, Tamborine Mountain

Heritage Wines

Not visited yet.

Like many other wineries on this list, Heritage Wines are not produced in Mt Tamborine but are from the Granite Belt. The Heritage Wines in Mt Tamborine is not a winery but a restaurant. It seems the main reason to visit is to have lunch with the best views of Mt Tamborine to the Gold Coast. Restaurant wineries in Australia are not always open and can be fully booked, so make sure you call or make a booking before going.

They also have a contemporary art gallery featuring established and emerging Australian artists.

Address: Bartle Rd, Tamborine Mountain

Have you visited any of these Mt Tamborine wineries? Share your experience below!

Mt Tamborine Wineries Map

Mt Tamborine is in the Gold Coast hinterland, only 45 minutes away from the Gold Coast and approximately one hour away from Brisbane. This map showcases the wineries mentioned in this article. The Wine Trail Map is a good resource to plan your trip to Mt Tamborine wineries.

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