I love going on a romantic getaway near Brisbane. I feel lucky that there are many places to choose from in the Brisbane region. It makes it easier to try a new place or stick to the ones we loved. Here’s a selection of my favourite romantic getaways near Brisbane.

First, let’s start with defining what makes a place romantic, so we’re on the same page.

Romanticism is not about the place itself, but the experience you make out of it. Hence, there’s always a romantic place nearby if you’re in the right mood. Still, you may find some common criteria for all the experiences you find romantic. But we won’t all have the same expectations.

My romantic recipe: us, nature and some “luxury”.

Well, I am using the quotes here as luxury has a different meaning for different people. Isn’t a wild empty space luxury in today’s world? And an extra bonus when there are a bathtub and a fireplace as well.

My selection of romantic getaways near Brisbane

These romantic getaway ideas are in order of cost for a couple. Cost may have changed since I wrote this article.

I haven’t visited all the romantic getaways on this list yet. But I surely plan to do it! I have added “review” to the title for the places where we stayed.

1. Stay in a Banana Farm at Featherview* (Mullumbimby) – review

Cost: $90 | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr 45

The view from the ground floor of this AirBnb house is stunning. Ideally located on the top of a hill in Mullumbimby, you can see all the way down to the Byron Bay coast from the comfort of your bed. 

The shower and the bath are outside, under the trees (and the stars). It creates special memories. 

Read my full article about Featherview here.

Romantic and Peaceful Banana Farm Stay near Byron Bay

2. Ecostudio Fellini* (Gold Coast Hinterland) – review

Cost: $215 | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr

We enjoyed relaxing near the fireplace and in the spa bath while enjoying views of the forest. But to be honest, Ecostudio Fellini* didn’t fully meet our expectations. I still included it on my list because it’s one of the rare options very close to Brisbane that accepts one-night bookings and has the features we like so much. And even if it was not perfect, I am glad we found this option when everything else was unavailable or way over our budget for a short break.

It was a lovely break and I would be happy to go back.

Why isn’t it perfect? Just small things, really. Nothing you can’t prepare for to make your stay better. If you’re going there in winter, bring a lighter to start the fire and a bathrobe or warm towels to relax after the spa. Kitchen utensils were dirty and the room isn’t modern – but nothing too bad to impact our stay too much. You may also need to lower slightly your expectations to connect with nature. We had nice green views from everywhere in our King Suite (Inela Yunka)*; it was very relaxing. But unfortunately, we didn’t get the feeling to be isolated in the bush at all. The road isn’t far so you may hear cars more than birds in the morning. It’s not a big road so traffic noise is not at all an issue and we had a very good night’s sleep.

3. Silk Pavilions* (Tweed Valley)

Cost: $220 | Drive from Brisbane: 2hrs

Their deluxe tent looks dreamy. It has wonderful views of the nearby mountains and the wooden bath looks wonderful.

4. Lyrebird Retreat* (Springbrook National Park)

Cost: $230 (with a minimum stay of two nights) | Drive from Brisbane: 1.5hrs

Lyrebird Retreat is a not-for-profit organisation in Springbrook National Park. Doesn’t it feel better when you know the money you pay for your accommodation helps preserve the beautiful national park that surrounds it?

The cottages have a spa bath and a fireplace to make your stay in the rainforest very cosy.

5. Limpinwood Lodge* (Tweed Valley)

Cost: $240 (with a minimum of two nights) | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr 40

The balcony is the best place in the cottage: you can enjoy the rainforest views while relaxing in the spa. The fireplace in the living room makes it cosy in winter.

6. Witches Falls Cottages* (Tamborine) – review

Cost: $260 | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr

The three main things I loved about this getaway near Brisbane:

  • the spa bath in the garden, under a roof, so you don’t risk it with the weather
  • the winery at a walking distance
  • the sunset spot just across the road from our room.
Mt Tamborine Winery - Witches Falls Gardens

7. Babbling Brook Retreat* (Tweed Valley)

Cost: $260 (with a minimum of two nights) | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr 45

As if a hot tub on the balcony surrounded by the forest wasn’t enough to make it to the list of the best romantic getaways near Brisbane, there’s also a fireplace in the house. It’s very secluded so you’ll need to be ready to cook for yourself, though.

8. The Mouses House Retreat* (Springbrook)

Cost: $275 | Drive from Brisbane: 1.5 hrs

The chalets tick all the boxes for a romantic getaway. They all have a fireplace and double spa bath overlooking the beautiful rainforest. But the best part is that The Mouses House Retreat is ECO Certified. They are making great efforts for preserving the environment and minimising their impacts. It always feels better to enjoy a luxury stay when you are supporting a business that is serious about sustainability.

9. Kondallilla Eco Resort* (Montville) – review

Cost: $280 | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr 20

At this resort, you will feel remote with all the comfort possible. We could fully relax in our wooden house surrounded by lush nature. No internet, no 3G connection: they like to say it’s all about nature there. I loved it so much that we came back not long after our first stay. It’s one of the rare luxurious places that allow you to book for one night only and stay under $300.

The spa bath in the villa has large windows so you feel in the forest. The fireplace will keep you warm during those winter days. It’s a fantastic place for a romantic getaway in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

romantic escapes - brisbane - eco-resort private spa bath

10. Lillypilly’s Cottages* (Maleny)

Cost: $325 | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr 10

Double spa, fireplace, private patio with rainforest views… These cottages tick all the boxes to make it on my list of romantic getaways.

11. EcOasis Resort* (Mount Warning)

Cost: $375 | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr 45

The Hideaway chalet offers views of the beautiful surrounding forest and mountains. The corner spa has windows on each side to relax by enjoying the natural light and scenery.

12. Kayaking and Camping Expedition (Noosa River) – review

Estimated cost: $400 (incl. equipment) | Drive from Brisbane: 2hrs

It’s my favourite but it won’t seduce everyone. It’s like a dream for me, but it can be a nightmare for some others! This one is for adventurers and nature lovers only. 

You hire a double-canoe for two days with camping equipment. Then you spend two days in nature, by yourself. The camp you booked is only for you. The river in the first lights of the day is like a mirror. It is one of the most beautiful things you’ll see. No shower, and often no toilets.

Read the full blog article about Noosa Everglades here.

Kayak Noosa Everglades
First lights of the day

13. Mt Warning Rainforest Retreat* (Mount Warning)

Cost: $455 (with a minimum of two nights | Drive from Brisbane: 1hr 40

They have worked very hard to create themed interior decors for these cottages. Like most cottages on this list, they have a spa with a view and a fireplace.

Where’s your favourite romantic getaway near Brisbane? Share your experience in the comments below!

Where are these getaways near Brisbane?

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  1. The Lyrebird Retreat sounds incredible! I’ve never heard of an accomodation that is nonprofit – I absolutely love the idea ? There’s nothing better than being in nature, relaxing and helping out the national park! Amazing XX

    1. Eloise

      I agree, Kate. It’s an awesome concept. I don’t usually spend a lot for accommodation so thinking that it goes towards preserving the national park makes me feel less guilty about what I spent 😉

  2. Marie-Carmen

    Gosh the Witches Falls Rainforest Suite! I’d absolutely love something like this! Wine, spa and barbecue! It’s like a romantic escape meets up with Australia! Not sure if you’d ever want to leave this room! I’m sure I wouldn’t!

    1. Eloise

      Ahah! Yes, it’s a perfect combo indeed 🙂 But you may want to leave the room to cross the road to watch the sunset 😉

  3. sdswank93

    Totally agree with you that a worry-free trip is luxurious! Brisbane is on my “to-visit” list still, so I’m definitely saving this for when I get the chance to finally visit.

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