You won’t find Featherview in the tourist brochures. If you seek nature and tranquillity, and if you love banana smoothies, this place is all you need.

We found Featherview on Airbnb*. We liked everything about the description. When we saw our friends recommend that place in the comments, it directly reached the top of our list of romantic escapes near Brisbane we must visit!

Romantic and Peaceful Banana Farm Stay near Byron Bay

I’m not sure what seduced us the most about Featherview:

  • The stunning view of the countryside up to the Byron Bay lighthouse from our bed? It must honestly be one of the best views of the region.
  • The cosy studio opened on nature? What a pleasure to enjoy the birds and the outdoors with the comfort of home.
  • The outdoor shower? Having a hot shower under the trees surrounded by nature is a great and fun experience for those who love nature!
  • The privacy? If the host Gary lives upstairs, he truly understands the value of privacy to make a perfect stay.
  • The banana farm visit? We asked Gary to give us a tour of his organic banana farm. We always like to interact with locals, so this brings a great opportunity for us to talk about bananas, of course, and many other interesting topics.
  • The banana smoothies? In the studio, Gary had prepared all we needed to make excellent bananas smoothies with organic bananas from the farm. Yummy….

Tempted? Check it out on Airbnb*!

What to do nearby?

Surfer in Byron Bay with lighthouse in the background
Byron Bay

We had initially planned to go diving at Julian Rocks, in Byron Bay (one of Australia’s best scuba diving sites) during their leopard sharks and manta ray season. Unfortunately, the dive was cancelled because the water conditions were too rough. There were an epic swell and strong currents generated by a tropical cyclone that had just moved away from Fiji and the South Pacific Islands.

The coast is approximately 15 minutes away from Featherview. We went first to Brunswick Heads to see the swell. There was no one in the water to play in the over 4-meter high waves there. Well, we could hear on the radio the surf was dangerous, and many beaches all along the Australian East Coast were closed, so it would have been scary to see someone in the water. On the next day, we went to Byron Bay. Matching Byron Bay’s reputation, many surfers were having fun in the waves that were less impressive than the day before at Brunswick Heads.

On Sunday morning, we visited Bangalow market. Every 4th Sunday of every month, locals, artists, artisans, therapists and farmers get together to create a special market that we believe would be best described as a hippie market. It was a fun visit, and we enjoyed listening to local artists.

There are many other great things to do in the Byron Bay region:

Have you been to the Byron Bay region? What is your favourite thing there? Share it in the comments below!

Where is Featherview?

Featherview is located a few minutes away from Mullumbimby, in New South Wales. It takes approximately 20 minutes to drive there from Byron Bay, the closest big town. It is a 2-hour drive from Brisbane.

Byron Bay Romantic & Peaceful Banana Farm Stay



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