Using a long weekend, we organised a four-day road trip to South Australia. Our destination names were not on the hot list of Australia’s must-do. But we were owed by what we saw. It is hard to believe that we could experience all these fantastic places just by ourselves.

Although I am not a big fan of Adelaide – a bit too quiet to my taste – I loved my trips to South Australia.

It was my second time in South Australia after a trip to Kangaroo Island a few years before. It’s one of the best places to see iconic Australian wildlife. I did not imagine it could get better than this. I even gave this title to my blog article: My Fabulous Wild Encounters On Kangaroo Island Will Be Hard To Beat. Well… this new trip kind of beat it!

Wildlife was not the only highlight of our voyage. We also enjoyed fantastic scenery all along the journey. We were surprised that even Australians don’t know much about these jewels we visited.

This article features the links to my articles about our 4-day road trip around the northwest of Adelaide across the Eyre Peninsula, the Gawler Ranges, Lake Gairdner and the Clare Valley.

Map of our 4-day road trip in South Australia

Our road trip in South Australia, day by day:

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