When snorkelling or scuba diving from the shore, it’s easy to just find information about the site, put your gear on and enter the water. But there are many shore dive and snorkelling accessories that will actually make your life a lot easier when you’re out of the water. The list below is about accessories I recommend for before and after snorkelling and shore diving. If you’re after tips to choose snorkelling gear (mask, snorkel, fins, etc.), check out my other article instead.

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Shore dive and snorkelling accessories you’ll like before going in the water

Key lock

If you ever wondered where to hide your car keys at the beach, here’s a solution for you. Since we’ve started using a key lock*, I never worry about my keys when I’m in the water. If you want more details about this accessory, including tips on what to look for when choosing a model, check out this article. Here’s the model we use (you can buy it online here*).

Shore dive and snorkelling accessories for after your activity

A poncho towel to change

If you don’t have time to dry on the beach after your snorkelling session or shore dive, you’ll want to remove your wet clothes before going back in your car. Sure, you could use a normal towel and wrap it around your body to get changed. But have you ever tried changing clothes using a poncho towel*? It’s so much easier! Poncho towels are also so comfortable that I sometimes simply wear them rather than dry clothes. If you need the towel to dry quickly, I highly recommend choosing a micro-fiber poncho towel.

A mat to avoid putting sand on your gear

Sand can damage your scuba diving or snorkelling gear. It can be tricky to find a safe spot to put your equipment when you come out of the water. Of course, you can simply place a towel or a small tarp on the ground. But you may find this changing mat* that turns into a bag is a way to save time when packing your gear.

A tub or bucket to rise and carry wet gear

After your dive, you’ll have to bring back home wet gear. If you have access to fresh water or if you’re far away from home, you’ll even want to rinse your gear before going back. It will be a lot easier if you have a tub or at least a bucket. I find hard tubs and large buckets*, or even better a storage box with wheels*, more convenient to use. But I also love how collapsible* or foldable buckets* take up no space when you’re not using them. As we often snorkel or scuba dive as part of a road trip (Australia’s east coast has so many fantastic dive sites!), space is always a challenge. However, make sure you pick one that is resistant enough to stand with water in it, as cheap ones tend to collapse with the weight of water.

Scuba diving and snorkelling bags are often mesh bags rather than waterproof bags so that they can easily be rinsed and the water escapes easily to avoid bad smell and humidity issues. So putting them back in a waterproof container or at least on a tarp* will protect your car.

Portable shower

If you’re snorkelling or scuba diving a few hours away from home, you may appreciate the opportunity to have a quick shower before driving back. Portable showers are cheap, very simple to use and provide great comfort.

If you’re planning to have a bucket to rinse your gear, this camping shower* could then have a double purpose (again, it’s always better when space is challenging on a road trip!). I personally much prefer the solar-heated bag option* to have a hot shower!

What other shore dive or snorkelling accessories do you use? Share your experience in the comments below!

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