When you look for accommodations in Bourail, Betikure Park Lodge will for sure appear in your options to consider. It’s easy to book online* and great for couples, families and groups of adults as long as you’re looking for somewhere quiet. Read more about our experience to decide if it’s the best choice for you, as there are a few other accommodations in Bourail.

Lodge with big windows and surrounded by green trees at Betikure Park Lodge (accommodation in Bourail, New Caledonia)

Why we chose to stay at Betikure Park Lodge

Firstly, we made this booking at the last minute as we didn’t originally plan to spend a night in Bourail. Being able to easily see availabilities and book online in just a few clicks was crucial for us. We used Booking.com to quickly find available accommodations in Bourail*.

Why not the beach? There are beautiful accommodations in Bourail near the beach like the Sheraton resort* and bungalows with sea views at Poe*. But we had already booked rooms with sea views for the rest of our trip in the North Province at Hotel Tieti (read my review here) and Koulnoue Village. So we were keen on having a different experience for our night in Bourail.

Standard room at Betikure Park Lodge with a balcony and very green scenery views

The photos and descriptions of Betikure Park Lodge looked amazing. We were seduced by the idea of staying in a small, quiet lodge surrounded by greenery. So we decided to skip the cheaper option (Auberge de Poé*) and booked online* one night at Betikure Park Lodge in the Colomina Valley, only five minutes away from the town. And it didn’t disappoint.

We regularly found accommodation in New Caledonia overpriced for the quality of the service or room we get compared to other destinations. So we sometimes hesitate to go up in price as it doesn’t necessary means the quality goes up. Betikure Park Lodge was well worth the price.

The different rooms at Betikure Park Lodge

We only spent one night there in one of their smaller rooms, which we found really spacious. The suite and the villas, more suitable for a bigger group, are even more spacious. The rooms and houses are built with lovely details and great design, with many windows to enjoy the green of the park. We stayed in the Raie lodge and there were a few sculptures of manta rays on our bedhead, adding a bit of character and something special to the room.

We had a bit of rain that afternoon in Bourail, so it was great to somehow enjoy the outdoor without going outside. I wished we had a spa to level up our relaxing afternoon. But all the suites with a spa were fully booked, even if we were travelling outside the peak season. I recommend booking well in advance*; it’s a small lodge so it can quickly be fully booked.

We were pleased to find a quiet retreat surrounded by nature. The small lodge was built for people looking for tranquillity. Although kids and pets are welcome, they’ll have to be calm to fit in the lodge atmosphere.

Facilities and things to do at Betikure Park Lodge

Betikure Park Lodge is very small so there aren’t many things to do there, so I’ve included a few things to do in the nearby region. If you need help with the booking, the reception staff was willing to give advice about available activities.

Swimming pool

You’ll find a small, charming swimming pool near the reception. Again, the resort is very calm. So if you want to play and yell in the pool rather than relax, Betikure Park Lodge may not be the best place for you.


Even if Betikure Park Lodge is close to Bourail, you won’t want to drive at night for dinner. It’s so nice to have a restaurant just a few steps away from your room. And the food we were served at Betikure Park Lodge was tasty. It’s a unique menu where you have to choose in advance if you want an entree, main and/or dessert.

We only had dinner there, but they also serve breakfast and light lunch at the restaurant. Like almost everywhere in New Caledonia, make sure you let them know in advance the meals you plan to have at their restaurant.


You can go for a short walk up the hill from the lodge. As it was not recommended to go there when the path is wet, I cannot really give further information on the path and what you’ll see.

It takes only 15 minutes to drive to the start of the most famous hiking trail in Bourail, le sentier des trois baies (meaning the three-bay track). The coastal walk starts at one end of the Roche Percée beach (see below) and goes to the Baie des tortues (meaning Turtle Bay) and the Baie des amoureux (meaning Lovers Bay). Unfortunately, the lookout to view the Bonhomme from above at the start of the walk has been closed because of a risk of landslide. It takes around 1.5-2hrs to complete the 4-kilometre return hike. The walk is rather easy for those comfortable with the slight effort to go up and down from the beaches to the top of the cliffs.

Bonhomme de Bourail

It may be the most famous attraction near Bourail. The rocks on the Roche Percée beach are impressive and worth a detour. It’s also a reputed spot for surfing. If you visit the region in summer, you may be able to join a tour to learn more about sea turtle hatchlings.

Scuba diving

I haven’t tried scuba diving in Bourail, but it’s one of the reputed spots for scuba diving in New Caledonia.

Where is Betikure Park Lodge?

It only takes about five minutes to drive from Bourail to Betikure Park Lodge. Bourail is ideally located halfway on the west coast between Noumea and the northern tip of the main island (la Grande Terre). It takes about two hours to drive from the international airport to Bourail. It’s a great first stop on a road trip to explore the main island, before crossing to the west coast towards Poindimie and Hienghene.

The lodge is also 15 minutes away from the famous beach with Le Bonhomme (and formerly La Roche Percée).


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