Is there a better way to exercise than hiking up mounts? It’s an excellent opportunity to get fantastic views as a reward, in addition to the sensational feeling of having conquered a place. We’re lucky to have a few mounts to choose from around Brisbane. They aren’t all providing great views though. Here’s a list of what I think are the best mounts to hike near Brisbane to exercise with a view.

You’ll find a map at the end of the article.

1. Mount Barney

If you’re up for an adventure and have a great sense of direction, then you’ll love hiking Mount Barney in the Scenic Rim region. It’s a great effort to reach the summit and come back in one long day. Some choose to spend the night up there, but that means carrying up all the equipment so it does not make it a lot easier. It’s one of the hardest hikes near Brisbane, and we loved it. But make sure you’re well prepared!

Mount Barney - Morning
Mount Barney

2. Mount Maroon

Just near Mount Barney, Mount Maroon provides the same kind of panoramic views, but for a lot fewer efforts. It only takes half a day to do this one. But be ready to use your hands as you’d still need to scramble in the gully on the way up though.

Sunset on Mount Maroon
Mount Maroon

3. Flinders Peak

Flinders Peak is one of the closest mounts near Brisbane as it’s less than 50 kilometres away from the CBD, near Ipswich. The hike is fun with its dose of small challenges. It took us about the same time as the Mount Maroon hike, only half a day. If you don’t have time to hike Flinders Peak, check out Mount Blaine just next to it.

Flinders Peak Ipswich Brisbane
Flinders Peak

4. Mount Greville

I enjoyed hiking up Mont Greville and it was another good fitness exercise in the Scenic Rim region. But going down across Palm Gorge was my real highlight of the hike. This one also took us half a day.

Mount Greville Summit 02
View from the top of Mount Greville

5. Mount Cordeaux

Mount Cordeaux and its neighbour Mount Mitchell are easy to conquer but the views from the summit are nonetheless stunning. I highly recommend pushing a bit further and hiking to Bare Rock. It was easier and shorter than the other hikes previously mentioned.

Mount Cordeaux

6. Mount Tibberoowuccum

Mount Tibberoowuccum is my favourite mount to climb in the Glasshouse Mountains. I find it a lot more fun than the most popular walk in the Glasshouse Mountains, Mount Ngungun; there are fewer people and it feels more adventurous. If you’re up for it, the last part to reach the summit involves scrambling – almost rock-climbing (a bit hard when you’re scared of heights!). It’s a short hike that we finished in just over one hour. But you’ll find many other mounts to climb in the National Park to make it worth the drive up there.

View of the Glasshouse Mountains from the Yul-yan-man Track. Mount Tibberoowuccum is in the middle (third from the right).

7. Mount Coo-Tha

I admit that because you can simply drive up to the busy summit or catch the bus, I’m not a fan of climbing all the way up to Mount Coo-Tha. Up there, you’ll find a restaurant, a café, a lot of people and a lot of concrete. Nothing natural like the rest of the mounts I listed previously. But as you won’t find a mount closer to Brisbane offering great views like Mount Coo-Tha, I felt I had to add it to the list.

And you, what are your favourite mounts to hike near Brisbane? Share your experience in the comments below!

Map of the best mounts to hike near Brisbane

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