Mount Cordeaux (1,135m) and Mount Mitchell (1,168m) are perfect if you’re looking for an easy mountain hike near Brisbane with spectacular views. Both walks were easy enough to catch up with my friends’ stories as we were walking up. We weren’t out of breath and we didn’t have to focus too much as the path was obvious.

Summary (Mt Cordeaux)
Distance: 7 km
Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: easy

Disclaimer: The hiking time and difficulty are based on our experience. We are experienced hikers with a good level of fitness, used to hiking long distances and scrambling. We possess good navigation skills and use a Garmin watch* with a GPS navigation map. Always check the park alerts and notes, as trail conditions change over time, which may affect the hike’s level of difficulty.

View from the top of Mount Cordeaux
View from the top of Mount Cordeaux

You’ll find a carpark in the Cunningham Gap. Both hikes leave from there. Mount Cordeaux is on one side and Mount Mitchell on the other.

Each hike won’t take you longer than half a day. It leaves time to have a picnic or to watch the sunset at the nearby Lake Moogerah. If you’re after more challenging hikes in the area, check out Mount Greville or Mount Maroon for half-day hikes or Mount Barney for a full day.

Hiking Mount Cordeaux

Although it’s rather a long walk if you go all the way to Bare Rock (12km – highly recommended for the best views), it’s not as challenging as most peaks. It took us about 4 hours with breaks and an easy-going pace.

Mount Cordeaux hike 04

The track was well maintained. However, a couple of parts were swamped – so be careful if you plan to hike it after it rained.

Our bonus: we saw (and heard!) a beautiful lyrebird on our way down!

Hiking Mount Mitchell

We walked for 2.5 hours that afternoon. With breaks and hiking at an easy-going pace, it took us 1.5 hours to reach the top of Mount Mitchell, and 1h to go down. The track was very easy, not even steep.

We particularly enjoy walking all along the side of the mounts as we could spot great views between the trees on the way up. Although the view is quite similar to the nearby Mount Cordeaux, it’s worth doing both (but maybe not in a row). The grass trees at the summit somehow created a special scenery.

Our bonus: we saw many small wallabies (or were they pademelons?) hidden in the bush!

Mount Mitchell Summit

Have you hiked Mount Cordeaux, Mount Mitchell, or another peak in the area? Did you like it? Leave a comment below!

Where are Mount Cordeaux and Mount Mitchell?

Mount Cordeaux and Mount Mitchell are in Main Range National Park. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive there from Brisbane. Both summits offer amazing views of the Moogerah Peaks and Mount Barney areas.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave


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  1. Pascal

    Thanks Eloise, we did Mt Mitchell last weekend. It’s a must. We found it actually quite different than Mt Cordeaux hike. Both are in my favorites.

    1. Eloise

      Thanks for the feedback, Pascal! The hikes are different, but I found the views at the end quite similar and that’s why I wouldn’t do them in a row 😉
      100% agree that they both deserve to be in the favourite list.

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