Of the few waterfalls in Mount Tamborine, Curtis Falls Walk is my favourite. Here’s why I find it particularly special and recommend visitors to take the time to appreciate it.

Curtis Falls Mt Tamborine Waterfalls

1. The Curtis Falls walk is a short walk to a stunning waterfall

It doesn’t take too long and too much effort to reach Curtis Falls. The walk is about one kilometre long and most people will need less than half an hour to walk to the platform and back to the car park. But you’ll want to allow time to admire the falls down there!

I love long walks to connect with nature and the reward to reach a place that not everyone can reach. However, it’s also fantastic to have beautiful and magical places that are easy to access, especially for those with limited mobility. I particularly learnt to appreciate this after my knee and then foot injury, where I had to walk with a boot for a while, and then limit my adventures to easy tracks.

Curtis Falls are beautiful all year round. There isn’t always a strong flow of water, but even if it’s only a light curtain when you visit, the place looks stunning. It’s not only about the falls, but also about the lush vegetation that surrounds them, the cliffs and the lovely rock pools.

2. Curtis Falls is home to a rare colony of glow worms

There aren’t many places in the wild to see glow worms in Australia. Natural Bridge, one of Springbrook National Park waterfalls, is famous for its glow worm colony, but there’s one on the walls of Curtis Falls too.

Note that to protect the glow worms, it is not allowed to swim in Curtis Falls rock pools. If you want to go for a swim, head to Cedar Creek instead or one of these other rock pools near Brisbane.

If you cannot wait until dark with the hope to spot glow worms, you can see them at the man-made but highly interesting Mount Tamborine Glow Work Cave.

3. Curtis Falls is the only Mt Tamborine waterfall that can be seen from the base

If we consider Cedar Creek as a cascade, Curtis Falls offers a different experience than the other waterfalls in Mount Tamborine. The platform to watch the falls is located at the base of the waterfall. I always find the view more impressive when I am at the base. I find it easier to connect with the place when we’re surrounded by lush nature and hear the many sounds nearby. It’s also the best spot to admire the power of the falls.

4. Curtis Falls are only 1 hour from Brisbane, 45 min from Gold Coast

We talked about the track making it easy to access the falls. But the location of the falls itself is incredibly easy to access too, as it’s at one hour from the two biggest cities in Queensland.

5. There are cafés and wineries nearby

It’s always nice to be able to contribute to the local economy when you visit a national park. But it’s rarely as easy as in Mount Tamborine. Although the Mount Tamborine wineries aren’t the best in the country, they still offer a great experience to extend your time in the region after the short Curtis Falls Walk.

Have you been to Curtis Falls Walk? Share your experience in the comments below!

Where is Curtis Falls walk?

Curtis Falls walk is in Mount Tamborine National Park, in the hinterland between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


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