I love chasing waterfalls. Sometimes, I go a bit crazy and only do that for a few weekends in a row. I’ve visited many waterfalls nearby, and here’s a list of what I think are the best waterfalls near Brisbane.

You’ll find a map at the end of the article.

1. Natural Bridge (Springbrook National Park)

Natural Bridge waterfall in Springbrook National Park breaks into a cave where you can see a colony of rare glow worms if you visit it at night.

It’s often too busy to my taste during the weekend, but if you manage to get there outside the peak season, the place has some kind of magic.

The walk to the falls is an easy one-kilometre circuit. It takes about one hour and a half to drive there from Brisbane.

Springbrook Natural Bridge Cave 2

2. Elabana Falls (Lamington National Park)

The Elabana Falls are in Lamington National Park, about two hours away from Brisbane. You’ll have to walk a bit to get to see these falls. I feel like the effort and the feeling to be somewhere remote always create something special.

If you’re a real waterfall lover keen for a longer walk, don’t just stop at Elabana Falls. Go all the way along the Tooloona Creek Circuit. It will take you to a few more falls that are lovely and intimate.

Tooloona Creek Curcuit Lamington National Park

3. Serenity Falls (Buderim Forest)

Located in the Buderim Forest, Serenity Falls are just over one hour from Brisbane City.

They have a dreamy name that attracts many visitors along the short path leading to the falls. Although they aren’t the most impressive waterfalls near Brisbane, I like that we get the option to see them from many angles. It’s inspiring for photographers. The two small cascades just before the falls are lovely too.

As they are located close to the coast, so you can prolonge the visit with some time along the water.

buderim forest - sunshine coast

4. Curtis Falls (Mount Tamborine)

Curtis Falls are one of the closest waterfalls near Brisbane, only 50 kilometres away from the city centre.

The short walk leads to a platform to admire the falls, but also the rock pool and lush vegetation that surround them. They’re my favourite waterfalls in Mount Tamborine.

Curtis Falls Mt Tamborine Waterfalls

5. Twin Falls (Springbrook National Park)

This is probably my favourite walk in Springbrook National Park. It takes 1.5hrs to drive from Brisbane to the start of the four-kilometre circuit. You don’t often get the chance to walk behind beautiful falls, and that’s what makes Twin Falls very special.

If you’re in this area, you may want to also check out Purling Brook Falls. It’s a stunning waterfall that didn’t make it to the list of my favourite waterfalls near Brisbane only because it’s too often overcrowded. But if you manage to visit it after a rainy week and when there’s no one there (check out my tips here), it surely is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in South East Queensland.

Springbrook National Park

6. Queen Mary Falls

The walk down to Queen Mary Falls is easy and rewarding. The falls are lovely and you’ll get to see them from different angles without too many efforts. It takes just over two hours to drive there from Brisbane, but the drive through the Scenic Rim before arriving at Queen Mary Falls is lovely.

the falls drive - queen mary falls

7. Kondalilla Falls (Sunshine Coast Hinterland)

Kondalilla Falls are about 1.5hrs away from Brisbane, in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The five-kilometre walk in the rainforest is lovely but there are a lot of stairs to reach the bottom of Kondalilla Falls, but it’s worth it to see the powerful 80m drop. I also love the nearby Kondalilla Falls Eco-Resort* to spend a cozy night in the rainforest.

Not too far, you’ll also find the Gheerulla Falls and Gardner’s Falls.

8. J C Slaughter Falls (Mount Coo-Tha)

Most of the time, these falls – that are best seen from the Aboriginal Art Trail – are dry. So why are they on this list? If it has rained a lot, they are worth the very short drive from Brisbane: they’re only 15 minutes away from the CBD!

And you, what are your favourite waterfalls near Brisbane? Share your experience in the comments below!

Map of the best waterfalls near Brisbane

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