Burgundy is a French region that has it all: delicious cuisine, world-famous wines, and a rich history. You could spend weeks exploring Burgundy. With so much to see and do, you’ll want to plan your day trip carefully to make the most of your time in this beautiful region. Here are suggestions for your day trip from Paris to Burgundy.

Visit Burgundy from Paris with a day trip to Dijon

Visiting the historic city of Dijon for a day trip from Paris to Burgundy may be your best option. As the capital of Burgundy, Dijon offers everything the region is famous for. You’ll be in the heart of one of the best wine regions in France. Plus, it’s easily accessible by high-speed train, taking less than two hours to reach the heart of the city from Paris. Begin your visit by following the Owl Trail to explore the most iconic places in the old town center with its important historical buildings and stunning local architecture.

Later in the day, consider booking a tour to explore the renowned wineries outside the city, along the famous Route des Grands Crus between Dijon and Beaune. These wineries are known for producing exceptional red wines, especially their pinot noir. Advance booking is necessary to ensure availability. We particularly like cycling through the beautiful vineyards, and there are cycling tours from Dijon* with e-bikes available so that it’s accessible to everyone.

Alternatively, you can stay in town and visit the International Cité of Gastronomy and Wine to learn more about the Climats, which are recognised on the UNESCO World Heritage list. You can also try local products there, including premium wines at the Cave de la Cité and delicious local food.  For a more authentic cellar experience in Dijon, head to the Cave du Palais*.

Another option would be take a short trip by train to visit Beaune and its famous hospices, a hospital foundation from the Middle Ages to heal the poor.  From Beaune, it takes only 2h15 by high-speed train to return to Paris.

Read this article about visiting Dijon as a day trip from Paris to plan your itinerary.

Visit Burgundy from Paris with a day trip to the Yonne department

The Yonne department is the area in Burgundy that is closest to Paris. However, since you’ll be taking a regular train instead of a high-speed train, it will take you just as long to reach Auxerre, the largest city in Yonne and located less than 200 km from Paris, as it would to reach Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, which is over 300 km away from the French capital.

The only reason I can think of to consider visiting the Yonne department rather than Dijon is to explore a less touristy area. For your first trip to Burgundy, I highly recommend starting with Dijon.

Should you wish to explore a different area in Burgundy, Auxerre would be an excellent choice. In just a couple of hours, you can tour Auxerre by following the Cadet Roussel Circuit. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of nice restaurants in the city where you can taste some of the local dishes.

Afterwards, you could rent a car in Auxerre and drive approximately 20 minutes to the picturesque village of Chablis, which is home to world famous wineries. You can then drive back through the countryside for about an hour to reach another charming city worth visiting, Sens. The arrows in the pavement will take you around town on the 2-kilometre Brennus Circuit to view all the main monuments. From Sens, it’s easy to catch a train back to Paris.

Go on a one-day road trip to Burgundy from Paris

I would not recommend driving to Burgundy from Paris for just a day trip as you run the risk of getting stuck in traffic, which could shorten the time you have to explore the region. Instead, I suggest taking a train to some of the beautiful towns in Burgundy, such as Sens, Auxerre, Dijon, or Beaune. If you opt for a high-speed train, you can enjoy a comfortable ride with Wi-Fi where you can relax, take in the scenery, or even take a nap.

However, if you still prefer to drive, I recommend taking a look at the itinerary above and exploring Auxerre (a 2.5-hour drive from Paris), Chablis (another 20-minute drive), and then Sens (a 1-hour drive from Chablis and 1h45 from Paris).

Did you visit Burgundy as a day trip from Paris? Share your experience in the comments below!

Map to help you plan your day trip to Burgundy from Paris

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