The Sunshine Coast is reputed for its magnificent beaches. But there’s a lot more than that to explore in this region. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is a great alternative to the coast. And a little bit closer, before you enter the Hinterland region, you’ll find a hidden jewel: the beautiful Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall). It’s one of the best waterfalls near Brisbane.

The Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall) is a perfect place to wander during or after a rainy day.

buderim forest - sunshine coast

The walk takes you through the Buderim Forest, along a creek, to lead you to beautiful cascades and waterfalls. And at the end, the scenic Serenity Falls awaits. If it was an effortless start on a boardwalk, it got slippery and uneven later on. Most people we met wore thongs only to do the walk (which isn’t surprising in Australia!). I was glad I had better shoes when we had to go through the mud. The thongs were getting stuck in the ground and were even more slippery on the rocks after that. And with the hidden sticks around, it didn’t look very safe to do it barefoot.

It had been raining a lot before we went there, so the cascades were full and beautiful. We did not spot much wildlife, which wasn’t too surprising considering the number of people on the track. We were lucky there was only a small group of kids when we reached the Serenity Falls, and they didn’t stay for too long. It’s a lot less serene when kids are playing around!

How long does it take to explore the Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall)?

Allow a 1.5-hour return walk from the lower Lindsay Road carpark to walk in the lush forest and enjoy the Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall).

You want to allow enough time to stop at the photogenic Serenity Falls so you can explore all the different lookouts. You can see the waterfall from the rocks at the bottom, or take some height by going on the bridge that was dropped there by a helicopter for you to enjoy the site. It’s also fun to go to the small cavern at the left of the falls for a different view.

Can you swim in the Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall)?

Unfortunately, many signs were indicating not to swim in the Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall). It did look brown after the rain and it was impossible to see what was inside. The forest is close to urban areas so I wouldn’t take any risks.

If you’re keen on a dip or a longer walk, have a look at Conondale National Park a bit further north. The park hosts one of the best rockpools near Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

Have you been to the Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall)? Share your experience below in the comments!

Where are the Serenity Falls (Buderim Waterfall)?

Buderim, and the Buderim Forest, is only 10 minutes from the popular Mooloolaba on the lovely Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We stopped at Lindsay Road carpark. You can also access the falls and a car park at Quorn Close. Both entry points have barbecues and picnic tables if you wish to bring your lunch.

It is a short drive from Brisbane: it took us only 1h15 minutes to reach the Serenity Falls carpark.


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