The views from Yellow Pinch lookout don’t come without effort. The short hike up to the lookout is steep. It will test your cardio and warm up your legs. But if you’re used to scrambling, you won’t find it hard (at least in dry weather). There are roots, rocks and trees to help you.

Distance: 2 km
Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: moderate

Only 20 minutes after leaving the car park, we reached the lookout to enjoy some of the best views of the famous mounts in the Scenic Rim. Mount Barney will stand right in front of you with Mount Lindesay and Mount Maroon next to it. The first ten minutes of the walk were on an easy path in the forest. Then the climb became a bit harder, but it didn’t last. Before we knew it, we were at the top.

Path to Yellow Pinch Lookout

The National Park sign indicates you’ll need one hour to complete this one-kilometre walk. We didn’t walk for that long, but I recommend allowing at least one hour for it. It’s one of these places where you want to stop, appreciate the views, and look at the peaks with respect and admiration. If you have climbed Mount Barney before, seeing it from this angle and so close will make you reflect on your adventure. And if you haven’t climbed it, it may make you want to (warning: you’ll need to prepare for it; it’s not an easy hike).

View from Yellow Pinch Lookout

Other things to do nearby

You don’t want to drive all the way to the Scenic Rim for a one-hour hike. And it won’t be hard to fill up your day as you’ll find other lovely hikes in the region. The closest ones are:

A few mounts in the region made it to my list of the best mounts to hike near Brisbane.

If hiking Yellow Pinch Lookout was enough walking for you, you may be happy to know the Scenic Rim also has a few wineries and restaurants, such as the lovely Kooroomba Vineyards.

You can easily spend the full weekend in the region. We had a lovely stay at The Hill Station at Barney Creek Vineyard Cottage*. Mount Barney Lodge is a fantastic option too; the views are hard to beat.

Have you been to Yellow Pinch Lookout in the Scenic Rim? Share your experience in the comments below!

Where is Yellow Pinch Lookout?

Yellow Pinch lookout is in Mount Barney National Park, in the Scenic Rim in Queensland (Australia). It takes about two hours to drive down there from Brisbane. The road offers amazing views of Mount Maroon, Mount Barney and Mount Lindesay. The end is unsealed, but suitable for 2WD vehicles, at least in dry weather.


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